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Now Christmas is over and done with our attention is focused on the new year. Many of us spend time thinking about new goals and dreams we want to achieve. However, some of us will remember being in the exact same position last year. Do you find yourself having the same goals and dreams, but wondering why it didn’t happen for you this year? You are not alone.

A lot of people have similar goals in mind that might be to get healthier, focus on their finances or progress in their chosen career. But what some people fail to realize is that these goals take time. For example, health is improved in small steps and not something that can dramatically change overnight. Your career won’t just improve without hard work and dedication, and let’s face it, at this time of year especially your finances will have taken a beating. This is why I thought I would share with you some new tips to helps those existing resolutions and dreams finally take flight in the right way for 2017.


Set smaller realistic goals


If we are honest with ourselves many of our dreams and goals are big, and why shouldn’t they be? But that can set us up for failure right from the outset. That is because we can feel disheartened when our goals don’t seem achievable and quick. So set yourself smaller more realistic goals to help you on the path to achieving your ultimate dream. This way, you are tackling it into smaller bite sized chunks and can feel much more motivated when you start smashing those targets you have set.




Have a clear path of how you are going to achieve your goals


A lot of people fail at their resolutions and dreams because they don’t have a clear outline of how they are going to do it. Improving health, for example, could mean improving things slowly by focusing on your hydration and increasing the amount you exercise gradually. It is also worth maybe keeping a diary or being accountable for the path you want to take. Having it recorded is always handy when you need to refer back to it, especially if you are feeling a little down hearted throughout the weeks and months.


Keep a positive mindset


Sometimes our biggest downfall is our mindset. Thinking negatively can have a big impact on how we progress through life. This is why it is so important to keep a positive mindset to ensure you stay on the right track. However, developing a positive attitude means turning your thought process into a habit, much like negative thinking has become. It won’t be easy at first, but you are more than capable of changing your mindset into a positive one.


Keep your eye on the prize


Finally, don’t forget what your original dreams were. Keeping an eye on the prize is your biggest motivator to keep you going. A great tip is to write down what you want and where you see yourself in twelve months time.


I hope this helps you achieve your dreams in 2017.


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