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Eyelashes are one of the biggest beauty features of a woman’s face. If eyes are the windows of our soul, we should take care of the curtains as well. The fine hair that grows above the eyelid performs several functions, most importantly emphasizing a look. But the primary function of eyelashes are to protect our eyes from dust and debris. Thus, it is very important to take care of our eyelashes, especially when traveling long distances.

You can start by using eyelash serum for moisturizing and strengthening your eyebrows and eyelashes. Most eyelash enhancing serums are infused with proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that nourish and moisturize lashes. TIP: Among the top 10 eyelash growth serums, make sure to choose one that’s organic. It will be safer and will suit you in all kinds of climates and conditions.

Why Should You Use Eyelash Growth Serum?

When we see someone, the first thing we do is look into their eyes. The length of eyelashes vary but, if you have long lashes you just look more attractive. To properly care for your lashes, moisturize them daily. Using eyelash growth serums available can result in longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes.  So, why wouldn’t you try it? An enhancing serum is a unique formula that can condition, moisturize and strengthen your lashes using special ingredients that synergistic-ally work to improve their overall appearance. Also, ophthalmologists and dermatologists have approved many serum creations.

In addition to your eyelashes, a lash growth serum can increase your eyebrow growth. There are many serums of varying brands available on the market. Try a variety to figure out the one which will work best for you. Reminder, you must use the serum daily and consistently and, after three to four weeks, you should notice a difference. Don’t forget to thoroughly cleanse your face and remove any eye makeup before applying the serum.


Taking Care of Your Eyelashes when Traveling

If you are a person who travels a lot as a part of your job, it is very important to take care of your eyelashes to avoid excessive loss. Our eyelids are so thin that they need more moisture than any other skin on our face. Every night before you go to bed, after cleansing your face, you should apply extra moisturizer around your eyes. Without it, your eyelids will become dehydrated.

In addition, traveling often results in straining of the eyes and can add stress (which makes your eyes appear to look more tired at the end of the day). By applying a lash serum, the protein particles present in it will act as a messenger as it gets absorbed into the skin. It will make you feel fresh and, as a result, look more fresh. The serum will also increase the natural production of collagen. TIP: The best time to moisturize is after your shower. You should use creams or serums that moisturize eyelids and also help to soften expression lines.

If you are on vacation, make sure you cleanse your lashes daily with a gentle cleanser to remove dust and dirt. You may use a mild baby shampoo (diluted with warm water) as a cleanser and then apply a serum that promotes density and length of your natural lashes.

Since the eyes are a pathway to your soul, do what you can to maintain them long and shiny. Lash Serums or conditioners will enhance your lashes from the inside out. If you want a naturally fuller and longer lash, there is no need to apply heavy cosmetics. Serums are exclusively designed to create beautiful lashes and, when used daily (within a month), will result in noticeable growth, that’s sure to result in a more noticeable YOU.



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