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Hola! My name is Olga María.

Welcome to Dreams in Heels (Solo Female Travel Blog)! This is the story of a small town girl raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico who is living her dreams in heels around the world. From being bullied in school due to a leg condition, taking a leap of faith by leaving all behind including family, and starting a new life solo in NYC without knowing any English, to turning the negative into something positive like a brand.

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A Complete Local’s Guide To Visiting Medieval Évora In Portugal

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Things To Know Before Studying Abroad In Cuba Travel

8 Things To Know Before Studying Abroad In Cuba

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The Best Beaches In Palawan Philippines

7 Of The Best Beaches In Palawan, Philippines 

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Top Brighton Activities: Best things to do in Brighton, UK + Tips

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The Best Shopping In London - A Guide For All Kinds Of Shoppers

The Best Shopping in London: A guide for all kinds of Shoppers!

There are many cities around the world which are well-known for their fabulous shopping opportunities – New York, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and, of course, …

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Things To Consider Before Canceling Your Trip Due To The Corona Virus

Things to consider before canceling your trip due to the Corona Virus Outbreak

Well, there’s no way to deny that the Corona virus has made the world suddenly appear very small. The spread of it across the globe is …

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