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Hola! My name is Olga María.

Welcome to Dreams in Heels (Solo Female Travel Blog)! This is the story of a small town girl raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico who is living her dreams in heels around the world. From being bullied in school due to a leg condition, taking a leap of faith by leaving all behind including family, and starting a new life solo in NYC without knowing any English, to turning the negative into something positive like a brand.

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12 Unique Things to do in Las Vegas + Bonus Local Tips!

Whether it’s your first time traveling to Las Vegas or your 100th time, it’s always fun to veer away from the touristy and over-populated sites. …

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Long haul flight tips: How to survive long flights

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The Best Temples in Bagan in Two Days: Uncovering Myanmar’s History

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The Ultimate Las Vegas Itinerary: 3 days in Vegas local edition

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A Brit shares the Best Christmas markets in the UK

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Best Berlin Christmas Markets Local Guide insider tips

Best Berlin Christmas Markets 2019: Your Local Guide with insider tips!

Looking for the best Berlin Christmas Markets in 2019? You have come to the right place. Here is a local guide with the top Christmas …

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