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Spring seems to have finally made an appearance. It brings with it brighter days and a sense of new life. Naturally, it means I can think about brighter and lighter make-up and a new beauty look for everyday.

When I think about Spring, I think about subtle pink tones on my lips, a delicate rose finish on my cheeks, wide long lashes and, to top it off, a lovely flowing curly hairstyle. I also see spring as a chance to give your skin a little love after a tough winter. Your skin is the first thing to care for, so establishing a good routine for spring and beyond is essential for a natural look on warmer days.

Beauty Tips - Spring

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Good make-up base

I think spring is the perfect time to tone down the heavier make-up, but we still want an even complexion. That is why I embrace a good BB Cream. With the added benefits of being a moisturizer and with a decent level of SPF, it’s the perfect spring to summer base. You can spend as little or more on a BB Cream – it’s up to you! My recommendation is to try a few and find the perfect match for your skin and look. TIP: Avoid a darker shade as this could lesson achieving a more natural look.

Also, a good concealer works well with a BB Cream to cover up any blemishes that you may wish to conceal. Starting a new skincare routine can mean putting up with a few spots that might surface initially until you find the best cleanser for your skin.

Bouncy spring locks

Spring for me means no messy buns and hiding your hair away under a hat. It’s the perfect time to let your hair hang loose in it’s natural style. Bouncy curls are a great spring look. Teaming with a few slides to take some strands of hair out of your face can be a real pretty look. You can also get perfect curls with some of the top curling wands available.

A curled hairstyle can look just as good tied away from your face in a ponytail. Basically, the options are endless. Curly hair can often looking dressier even when you are dressing casually.

Perfectly pink lipstick

I think Spring is perfect for pink tones, especially on your lips. For better coverage when applying lipstick, it’s worth considering a lipliner in the same or similar color. A slightly darker shade can give a more defined look to your lips. Just do whatever feels comfortable. Nude lips are a real big trend this year and investing in a new lipstick in this shade can take you right through to the summer.

Flirtatious eyelashes

Spring is the time to ease off the eyeliner and just focus on those lashes. Investing in a good lash lengthening mascara and some eyelash curlers will achieve the desired effect. Add to your eyelid either a pinky or golden shade for a subtle finish. Of course, you can still use eyeliner for a little definition. TIP: Use the eyeliner to transform your makeup from day to a more evening look.

Yes, Spring is in the air… Let’s celebrate it with a fresher, more natural look!


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