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Ramon Rodriguez is the Founder and President of Blue Arena Corporation one of the leaders in etiquette, protocol and image services. He has presented his etiquette and protocol programs and briefings to thousands of individuals. Clients representing business, government, education, and entertainment have been counseled privately and in groups. As a coach and trainer, Mr. Rodriguez has the practical skills and knowledge to help others create a successful business presence. His professional background includes many years of corporate experience at luxurious hotels and restaurants, including management, customer service and plus etiquette, protocol and image training.

Ramon Rodriguez, Etiquette and Protocol Expert


He has hands-on experience from his business ventures and travels representing his company in The United States. Ramon Rodriguez is a certified Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant as well as a Tea Etiquette Consultant. He received his training from the prestigious and well-renowned Protocol School of Washington (the leader in etiquette and protocol certification training in the United States). He is a certified Image Consultant from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Mr. Rodriguez also holds a Master’s of Science in Education as well. He is an active member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).


Ramon Rodriguez received two awards from Bernard M. Baruch College in New York City, a leading business education institution, for his support and contribution to the school and its, Wall Street Career Programs and O&M University in The Dominican Republic” Mr. Rodriguez has appeared in many television shows in the major hispanic TV networks, magazines and newspapers.






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