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Learn how to sleep in comfort but wake up with fabulous-looking hair in the morning!

Our hair speaks volume when we enter a room and there is nothing more frustrating for any woman than a bad hair day. Many times, as a woman on the go with so many daily responsibilities, it is even harder to find the time to do much with our hair in the morning (let alone find the time to get to the hair salon). This is why, I am constantly looking for new solutions to have fabulous looking hair in the morning.

my easy curls

As a first step, I usually use argan oil and deep conditioning treatments, including a homemade one of avocado with olive oil, to maintain my hair hydrated and shining. My hair tends to get dry especially after coloring. Majority of the time, what matters the most is my bedtime ritual. If I want to keep it very straight, I fix it with the flat iron (as needed) then do a “dubby dubby” (wrapping hair around the head). If I want soft curls, I use a curling iron (if needed) and then pin up the curls in place. I honestly try not to use the flat or curling iron as much since too much heat damages the hair.

Recently, I found a product on the website Etsy that is called Sleep in Comfort and it’s perfect for curls.

sleep in comfort


The advantage of this is that there’s no heat damage, and it’s very comfortable (since there are soft fabric hair rollers) to wear overnight. I always disliked the pins because they are so uncomfortable to sleep with them in.

The other advantage of these hair rollers is that, once I take them off in the morning, my curls are so beautiful, bouncy and it even cuts my morning hair ritual down by more than 90%. I pretty much just loosen my hair, sometimes add a little spray and go. I am a fan of natural techniques, so this is why I recommend that you check out this product here. I also love that they come in different prints and colors. You know that we women love to have options!









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