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Traveling solo is liberating, exciting and self-affirming. It’s a sure fire way to leave your comfort zones behind and boost your confidence to heights you never knew were possible.

However it’s perfectly natural to feel a little apprehensive at the thought of traveling alone, through new countries and strange lands; will you make new friends? What if you run out of money? How can you stay safe? Well, here you’ll find some simple and straightforward tips that will hopefully keep you out of trouble and allow you to enjoy your travels without worrying too much about your safety.

Top Things to know before traveling alone

Have a traveling fund

Remember, traveling for any length of time requires great planning and a reasonable amount of money to get you to all the places you’ve dreamed of visiting Companies like Golden Eagle Coin can help you with investment ideas and pieces that will grow in value over time, creating the perfect nest egg for your traveling fund. Also, there are many ways to prioritize and to save money towards your travel goals.

Room checks and safety

Try to book a room on the first floor, rather than the ground floor. As a ground floor room makes access to your room much easier for a potential thief. If you’re on the first floor then you’re higher up but can also escape via a window if needs be.

When you reach your accommodation, take the time to do a few checks to ensure your room is safe and secure. Check the door locks properly and has a deadbolt. Check the locks and stability of the windows. If you have a balcony, make sure it’s safe and that you can lock the balcony door securely. Also, make sure your room has a phone.

Don’t open the door to anyone. If they claim to be from the hotel and you’re unsure then call down to reception to check their legitimacy.

Watch your alcohol intake

You’re there to let your hair down and have a good time but apply a little common sense. You’re in a strange place with people you’ve just met. Keep your wits about you and watch your alcohol intake. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with the people you’re having a good time with, go at your own pace. And just like at home – never leave your drink (or bag) unattended.

Be friendly, but wary

You might have met an amazing couple on a night out and they’re telling you all about their travel plans. Don’t feel obliged to give away too much information about yourself. Details such as where you’re staying or even the fact you’re travelling alone is information you can keep to yourself. If you plan to meet a new acquaintance the next day, then meet somewhere public.

Walk with confidence

Walking with your head buried in a map or your phone, squinting up at foreign road signs, wandering around looking lost is going to make it obvious that you don’t belong. Which could make you a potential target for pickpockets, thieves and con artists. Be smart and walk with confidence, if you’re lost – head into a café or shop and ask for directions, rather than struggling in a busy street.

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