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Miami is one of those places that just opens your appetite, it’s perpetual tropical summer and the Atlantic breeze can make anyone extra-hungry. Fittingly there are a lot of great restaurants to be found on this paradise, but I believe there are a lot of other ways in which Miami can stimulate your senses, so in this post, we´ll be seeing some of the best places to sate your hunger for both food and adventure!

Now, before we start, we must talk about transportation. Moving around in Miami, or South Florida, in general, is a lot more challenging than you’d initially think, distances here are always a lot more than they seem, and public transport can’t always get you to where you want to go.

miami beach - palm trees

Renting a car offers a practical solution to that issue, as it gives you a vehicle all to yourself, this way you´ll be able to better control your itinerary and transportation. After all, you don’t need to wait for any driver if you get to be the driver yourself! Plus, it can be a very easy experience, as sites like Miles Car Rental will help during the rental process so that you can find the best prices and the most varied selection of cars in the market.  

Now, without further ado let’s begin our trip!

1. Sanguich de Miami

Let’s begin with a Miami all-time classic, Cuban sandwiches! I know, I know, they aren’t something new here, and in fact, finding a place to get them in Miami is pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel, but hear me out, this ones are truly unique, plus, if we’re going to visit Miami we might as well try the very best, and you can find them at “Sanguich de Miami”.

cuban sanguich - sandwich cubano

This is a quaint little restaurant that’s passionate about their food. They make most ingredients right there in the restaurant. They make their own mustard, pickles and meat slices. Heck, they even have their own line of Cuban bread! This is original as a Cuban sandwich can ever get. It’s impossible to get this flavors in any other place but here! So, believe me when I tell you that you can’t find anything like this in all of Miami.

The store is perhaps a little small and lines tend to form but it’s worth it, you can find it at 2057 SW 8th St. there is plenty of parking available right in front of the restaurant. 

2. The Venetian Pool

So, after the best sandwich in all of Miami, it’s time to visit one of the many attractions around… just make sure to wait an hour before going. Now, dumb jokes aside. I’m talking about the Venetian Pool. This might as well be one the greatest, if not the greatest pool in all of Miami and its surroundings.

This is the largest freshwater pool in the whole US, so yeah, it makes the one at your hotel look like a glorified puddle.

Miami lifestyle - pool water

Unlike many others, the water at the Venetian Pool is always clean, as it comes  comes from an underground system of aquifers that naturally filters it. Initially the pool was drained and then refilled diary, but now, to conserve it, water it’s pumped back to the aquifer, there, it’s again naturally filtered by the porous rocks and other geological processes. Making it clear and clean again for further uses. 

You can find the pool at 2701 De Soto Blvd, but try to come early as it’s quite popular and tends to be a lot of lines to get there. 

3. Joe’s Stone Crab

When a restaurant lasts for more than 100 years it’s because they know how to cook meals so amazingly that after many generations, people still come to have their fill. And that’s the whole deal with Joe’s Stone Crab. Here you can find hands down, the best seafood in all of South Florida. The restaurant is legendary for its titular stone crab claws, but there are many seafood options such as the crab cakes. However, the deliciousness doesn’t end with the crustaceans, as many customers love their key lime pie, and they also have a pretty good fried chicken… which is odd for a seafood restaurant, but hey, the more delicious options the best!  

lobster restaurant miami

Now the restaurant follows stone crab season so it’s open from October 15 to May 15 so plan accordingly. The price is rather high so is best if you left it for special occasions. You can find it on 11 Washington Ave. It has valet parking options.

4. Pegasus and Dragon / Hallandale beach

Believe it or not, the second largest statue in the whole USA (second only to the Statue of Liberty) is at driving distance from Miami, so if you feel curious, this is a great place to stop and have a little bit of relaxation time in between meals.

As its name proclaims, the statue features a ginormous Pegasus fighting an equally huge dragon. It’s an odd sight to see, but a place worth visiting nonetheless. The statue is surrounded by an array of musical fountains with LED lights, and at night there are shows in which the dragon actually breathes fire!   

hallandale beach florida

Now, if you’re more into beach life than into monumental statues, you’re in luck as Famous Hallandale beach is mere minutes from the statue. Here you´ll find  a very clean ambiance, easy access, and delightfully warm waters. If you manage to plan your vacation well enough you can go to the beach in the afternoon, attend one of the statue’s fountain shows at night and then go for a nice dinner in any of the aforementioned restaurants.

You can find the statue at 901 Federal Hwy, the beachfront is only a six-minute drive from there, however, both are a bit away from downtown Miami and the other restaurants. You´ll have to make a roughly 30-minute drive, so again, booking a rental car can be a great way to make things easier when it comes to transport.

5. Azucar Ice Cream Company

And now, to end our little trip, let’s go for a dessert that you can only find in Miami, a nice scoop of Cuban ice cream. Azucar Ice Cream Company is a renown ice cream parlor that can be found at the famous Calle-8 district also known as the Little Havana. This shop is chuck full of tasty and exotic Cuban-inspired ice cream flavors, such as the hilariously named “Burn in hell Fidel” a homemade chocolate ice cream with a touch cayenne pepper, that commemorates the death of the hated dictator, or the widely beloved “Abuela María” that includes chunks of guava, cream cheese, and cookies.

ice cream miami desserts

There are new flavors every day and some of those one-time-only so be adventurous when choosing your ice cream, as you don’t get to taste these  anywhere outside of Miami!

And with that our tasty adventure comes to an end, but keep an eye open the next time you travel to Miami, as these are just appetizers for the many amazing things you can see and eat on this tropical paradise!         

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