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The Philippines indeed ranks high on the bucket list of most tourists and travelers. After all, it has everything a traveler is looking for, a beautiful landscape, those stunning white beaches with clear blue waters, and not to miss those lush rice terraces. The highlight is the hospitality of the people and of course the food.

If you never considered a trip to The Philippines, you should. You will keep returning each time for more. You can pick from thousands of islands, and there is something for everyone in The Philippines.

The Philippines may look and sound easy to explore and travel across, even for the first-timers. However, if you don’t plan well and are not aware of everything you need to know, well, you may not get the experience you are looking for. Read on to learn about some essential tips and guidelines on the absolutely must know before you land in the Philippines.


Quick tips for the first-time visitors to The Philippines

When to visit The Philippines

The Philippines enjoys warm tropical weather the whole year round, and one can arrive here either in the dry or wet season. The best months to explore the country are from January to June. There are plenty of options for cheap airlines flights, such as with Malaysia Airlines among others.

You should also consider booking a Cathay pacific air ticket to get good deals and packages. Try to take advantage and start planning your holiday vacations ahead of time. Note: Keep in mind that internal flights might get costly, if there are not book in advance.


Visa and Travel information

The majority of nationals can enter the Philippines without a visa and stay for 30 days. However, they should hold a valid passport and show a return ticket to their country. Travel Insurance is recommended as you would, of course, try out scuba diving, surfing, and motorbike rides.

Language and Currency

Although many different dialects are used in different parts of the country, Tagalog and English are the most widely used. Most Filipinos speak and understand English, and thus, language should not be an issue. Philippine Peso is the currency used, and it is a good idea to carry some cash. Still, look out for spammy money changers in the Philippines who can swindle you.

What to pack

As the Philippines is a warm country, pack light and as per the summer and rainy season. Carry a good rain jacket, a universal adaptor, a water filter bottle, and a pair of walking shoes as well as swimwear.

Cost to holiday in the Philippines

Well, a lot depends on the kind of budget you have and where you stay and what you plan to do. The typical Travel costs around the country range anywhere from P700 to P1500 a day, and that includes budget food and tours. The expenses can add on based on what you do or plan to include on tour. Still, food, drink, and shopping can be really cheap.

Be polite and respectful

Locals can be conservative, and hence, it is essential to be polite and respectful to them. Still, the people are very warm, hospitable and friendly. Catholicism is a prominent religion, and one should dress modestly at the religious sites. But it is perfectly fine to wear shorts, skirts, and dresses.


What not to miss

The Philippines is an archipelago made up of more than seven thousand islands and boasts of endless spots to see and explore.  Here are a couple of major tourist attractions that should not be missed.

  • Palawan – One of the most exotic lagoons, well known for its beaches and lakes.
  • Surigao del Norte – Explore the Virgin Islands and lagoons with lots of lush islets.
  • Boracay- Visit the world-class island famous for its glorious tropical beaches and summer parties.
  • Bohol – The classic tourist spot is well known for the Chocolate Hills and amazing quiet beaches.
  • Mount Mayon – Visit the world’s perfect-shaped volcano, Mount Mayon in the Bicol province, and enjoy many outdoor activities.

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