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We are everywhere! From underrated cities, to popular destinations, to speaking in conferences around North America and Europe; to just simply traveling the world in heels. Check us out In the News (online, in print and on camera.) In addition, the founder of Dreams in Heels, Olga Maria loves to share her travel tips in different publications, plus we love collaborating with other travel writers, bloggers and experts in the industry. See more below!

For longer flights, I tend to use Physix gear compression socks. Their moderate compression is perfect for flying, they still have a fashionable look (since they also come in many colors), they are durable and comfortable, and, best of all, they don’t break the bank. As someone who has a leg condition (my Achilles tendon is short), it is more important to feel comfortable on long-haul flights because otherwise I tend to experience serious leg cramps and pain.


Olga Maria, Dreams In Heels Named One Of 13 Female Travel Bloggers Of Color You Should Be Following In 2018

-By Pop Sugar

Pop Sugar

-By Eligible Magazine


“Disconnect yourself from social media and technology at times. Soak the sun or listen to the rain, enjoy the breeze, breath deeply, look at the panorama, enjoy a good conversation with a local, you might never be standing on the same place, nor living the same moment again. Worst travel advice: You should only stay at the resort because if not something will happen to you.” – Olga Maria @Dreamsinheels

Published Work

Here is an Example of a partnership of Dreams in Heels with Expedia to put together a Pocket Guide to New York. Take a look at the recommendations of Olga Maria by clicking on Contributors and then on Olga M. Czarkowski. This pocket guide had millions of downloads.

Olga Maria’s Travel Advice Featured On City-Budget.Expedia.Co.Uk:


Local Expert Recommendations on What to Do in New York City
Expert Hotel Recommendations – New York


Travelling feeds your hunger and curiosity for life like nothing else. Give in to your natural wanderlust and broaden your soul. Traveling is the best avenue to fulfill your longing for cultural exploration. It’s the opportunity to be free (usually from work & responsibility) and be your total self. Don’t just dream it, live it! – Olga Maria


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