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Dreams in Heels by Latina Influencer Olga Maria caters to all types of adventurous souls, including those who are already exploring the world, those who plan to travel (even on a budget), and lastly it’s especially for those who message Olga Maria that living vicariously through her journey, brings them joy and inspiration.

Olga Maria’s goal is to inspire all of you, regardless of your situation, to live life to the maximum! Anyone can start by exploring their own neighborhood. You never know what adventure lies just around the corner!

Through her travels, Olga Maria has discovered how amazing and good people are. It’s wonderful meeting new people, exchanging stories and creating new memories.

If you have ever wanted to visit far lands and exotic places…there is no better time than right now. Again, why Dreams in Heels? Well, if you have a bucket list and a burning desire to see fabulous places, then you can take a sneak peak into extravagant and indigenous cultures, people and lifestyles.

Olga Maria invites you on her journey to different destinations while together we explore the cuisine, the lifestyle, the culture and we interact with locals.

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About Olga Maria

Olga Maria is a New York City and Europe based professional travel writer, storyteller and a full-time digital nomad who runs an award-winning solo female travel & lifestyle blog called Dreams in Heels, featuring travel tips, style, trending destinations, off-the-beaten-path recommendations and lifestyle to inspire people (especially women) to follow their dreams to live life to the maximum. She is also the founder of the Bilingual (Spanish/English) Travel Community, Latinas Who Travel, a community for Latinas to be encouraged to share their journeys since during her extensive travels (around Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East, Latin America, The Caribbean, USA and Canada) she did not meet as many latinas. Olga is a free-spirited New Yorker who was born with wanderlust and a passion for food, coffee, and wine. Her goal is to clarify myths and misconceptions about countries/cities around the world to inspire others like you to take the plunge into traveling abroad by getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing the destination for yourself.

Olga is a woman entrepreneur who is a social butterfly, and enjoys making connections with people from all over the world. She is also a multifaceted individual possessing prominent positions as a reporter, editor, speaker, spokes person, and community developer with extensive experience in international media. She has received several awards including one that named her the 2012 Next Generation Latina by MasterCard and Latina Magazine.

Olga María created her blog due to her insatiable curiosity to wander…just like one of her favorite sayings, “Not all that wander are lost.”

Also as a foodie and wine enthusiast, Olga loves to share her experiences and tips, and has done so as a Contributing Editor for the print issue of Livid Magazine and as the Lifestyle and Features Editor of Vetta Magazine. She also contributes to the print issue of Latin TrendsHIPLatina.comNY Daily NewsExpedia UK travel guides and more. As a social media influencer, she enjoys sharing her journey with her followers through her different social media channels, especially through her favorite ones: Instagram and recently on her new Youtube channel.

No matter what’s on your bucket list, or what your heart desires, you will be able to find ideas, inspiration and more, at Dreams in Heels! To see and hear more subscribe today!


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