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Do you have a favorite female friend and/or relative who just loves to pack her bags and explore the world? If yes, then this guide will provide you with the best gift ideas for your traveling friend! Or maybe you are the world traveler and you need to hint at presents you’d love to receive before your next trip. Well then, no worries cause I’ve got you covered! Today, I am sharing my top picks for unique travel gifts for women + female solo essentials that make great gifts for someone traveling abroad. Any solo female traveler will love it, regardless if it’s for your daughter, niece, friend, girlfriend, wife or yourself. Let’s get into it!


27 Unique Gift Ideas for Female Solo Travelers

1. The Solo Travel Handbook, Lonely Planet

Solo traveling requires extreme confidence, a trait that most women who love to travel alone have already mastered, but knowing what to do if things get out of hand in a foreign land is something else. 

Well, if you truly care, then you shouldn’t let any female commence her adventures without gifting “The Solo Travel Handbook” by Lonely Planet. This 168-page book contains must-see spots, cultural know-how, smart tips and handy advice from expert travel writers belonging to the world’s leading travel media company, The Lonely Planet. Give the gift of knowledge and support!

2. Tep Wireless

Tep Wireless or Teppy is specifically for people who can’t survive without the internet. Does the phrase, “I can’t survive without the internet” remind you of someone special? Then, she’ll definitely love this gift.

This International Portable WIFI Hotspot device allows you to surf the internet in over 100 countries without any SIM card or roaming charges, on up to 5 devices.

Furthermore, it has a great feature for solo female travelers called Kitestring. Kitestring checks up on you with a simple text message. You can simply set up a timer when going out, and if you do not reply to the message to check in, Kitestring sends your emergency contacts a personalized alert message.

I can’t imagine going on a trip without it! What are you waiting for? Buy it now and give her the gift of staying connected while being safe! 


3. Lightweight Portable Door Lock, ANPEN

As a solo traveler, I am always concerned about my safety and the security of my stuff, especially if I’m traveling to different cities every week; it can be rather tricky. However, thanks to the Lightweight Portable Door Lock by ANPEN, I can sleep peacefully, knowing that unwanted intruders can’t reach me. Speaking from experience, your solo traveler also needs this in her backpack before flying off to the land of unknown. 

Best part is that it doesn’t require any screws, holes or nails; all you need to do is place the metallic part of the portable lock over the actual door lock, so that their holes are aligned. Then, pass the snub through the plate’s hole and place the moving rod on the black piece. Your loved one will absolutely appreciate this gift for their peace of mind!

Lightweight Portable Door Lock, Travel Lock,Temporary Door Lock, Night Lock, Privacy

4. Undercover Travel Pouch, Pacsafe

Does your best friend misplace her keys or money every once in a while? Or is she packing for her first-ever solo adventure to another city or country? If yes, why haven’t you gifted her the Undercover Travel Pouch by Pacsafe yet?  

This lingerie-material pouch with plastic clips can easily be worn under her clothing in the center, or on the side of any bra. It is machine-washable and can hold up to 6 credit cards, a key and some cash. In some crowded cities, pick pockets are more common than you know so give a present that helps her protect her money and such.

5. Portable Charger Anker PowerCore

Solo travel isn’t complete without frequent Snapchat and Instagram stories, but what if her battery runs out during a beautiful sunset on a Spanish beach? Bummer, isn’t it?

Well, this won’t happen if you get her the Portable Charger Anker PowerCore. It weighs as little as a can of soup (12.5 oz) yet charges the iPhone 8 almost seven times, the Galaxy S8 five times or the iPad mini 4 twice.

Its MultiProtect safety system and high-quality LG battery cells ensure complete protection for you and your devices. Furthermore, Anker portable charger has high speed charging and it recharges itself in 10 hours with a 2 amp charger, phone chargers (generally 1 amp) may take up to 20 hours.

Oh, and it comes with a Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, and warranty. This gift will help her to worry less about battery life so that she can confidently capture every special moment for her memory book.

6. Light Compact Umbrella, AOG DESIGN

Walking in the rain has sometimes been depicted as a romantic or fun idea in romantic comedy movies, but the cold that follows is stressful, uncomfortable and yet, easily avoidable. Especially, when traveling to locations touted for their frequent bouts of showers. You can save her the trouble by gifting a light Compact Umbrella by AOG Design.

It uses Teflon technology for protection against rain. In addition to this, it can block up to 97% of UV rays. This fortified fiberglass umbrella is only 11 inches long and weighs 0.8 pounds. This light-weight, sun and rain protection umbrella is definitely a must-have in every travel case, especially for the woman who wants to protect herself from the elements so that it doesn’t interfere with her enjoyment!

7. Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kit, Hollywood Fashion Secrets

There’s nothing worse than when a fashion emergency threatens to interfere with your fun! But your loved one doesn’t need to worry about it since there’s one small gift that can have her ready for almost anything: a Hollywood Fashion Emergency Kit by Hollywood Fashion Secrets. This small, yet handy packet is a must-have in every fashionista’s travel bag. 
This tiny kit contains a stain remover, a nail filer, a mini sewing kit (containing 4 threads and 2 needles), a shoe-shiner sponge, 2 buttons, a stain wipe, 2 round shoe pads, and 6 pieces of clothing tape. What a great thing to have in a fashion pinch!

8. Digital Luggage Scale, Letsfit

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport only to discover that your luggage is over weight, and then either having to pay extra, or leave some stuff behind, just when you are at the start of your solo trip, or traveling between destinations. This scenario happens more often than you think, especially if you are making purchases as you travel. So, if you want to save your female solo traveler from this agony, the Digital Luggage Scale by Letsfit is the perfect gift! 

This handheld luggage scale, which shows weight in both metric and the fps system of units, can weigh up to 550 kgs (a little over 1200 lbs). In addition, it provides overweight warnings and shows the data on a backlit LCD display. Trust me, this small tool can save your bestie money and a lot of trouble, which is worse when in a foreign airport. 

9. Travel Pillow, TALLGO

Cramped up in the economy seat of an airplane is not just boring, but it can also take a toll on your back. Why don’t you bid ‘bon voyage’ to your female solo traveler with a Tallgo’s travel pillow? Trust me, there’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping through long flights on a squishy, comfortable pillow. 

This pillow has a memory foam interior, and polyester plush velour exterior, which provides excellent support to the head and neck. Furthermore, its shape ensures that it doesn’t fall off while the wearer is lost in the world of dreams. It even has an adjusting rope to modify the shape according to the body size, so it’s definitely one fits all! Give her the gift of relaxation for her flight and she’ll never forget it.

10. OriHea Eye Cover Sleeping Mask (Patented Design 100% Blackout Sleep Mask)

Another essential accessory for ensuring the maximum comfort of your female solo traveler, especially during a long flight, is an eye mask. My top pick among the hundreds of such products available on Amazon is the OriHea Eye Cover Sleeping Mask.

This adjustable 100% light blocker not only provides comfort and darkness, but it also gives movement space for ladies wearing eyelash extensions.

Regardless, its main feature is its design”broad & invisible alar ” on the nose bridge to achieve a total darkness and ensure comfort fit while still giving plenty of Room for the Eyes and Eyelashes. It has a deeper eye cup design with 3D contoured bulge which allows the eyes freely blinking, and never touch the eyelash/eyelid/eye makeup. I truly love this design.

A little hint: Gift it alongside the Tallgo’s travel pillow and she’ll definitely have sweet dreams with this combo!

11. Travel Outlet Adapter Traveler, DANDELION

Having been traveling for many years now, one of the first lessons I learned was that oftentimes a hotel’s socket would refuse to cooperate with my chargers. But not anymore, thanks to the Travel Outlet Adapter Traveler by Dandelion, which can be plugged into different sockets throughout the world; 150 countries, to be precise. If you want your female solo traveler to stay connected and avoid charging problems, then get her this outlet adapter. 

This adjustable outlet can plug in up to 3 devices, so your loved one can charge her phone, tablet or laptop while also drying or curling her lovely hair. Furthermore, it is made from polycarbonate, a fire-resistant material and comes with a spare fuse, which ensures that your products are safe against a power surge. Plus, if you consider gifting it alongside Karusale’s Power Bank, after all she’ll appreciate being able to charge while on the go, then there’s no risk of her devices losing battery life. What better gift is there than reliability!?

12. Portable Fabric Steamer, iSteam

A trip isn’t complete without a few or, should I say, a ton of snaps and grams. But, what if your Insta baddie’s clothes end up all wrinkled? Don’t worry, I have just the solution for you: The Portable Fabric Steamer by iSteam. Gift it to her and let the perfect shots, in wrinkle-free clothes, blow your mind along with those of all of her followers.

This steamer just requires 25 seconds to reach the desired temperature and provides up to 10 minutes of continuous steam. It has an Automatic Safety Shutdown and Spill-Proof Technology to avoid accidents. In addition, it comes with a free Detachable Nozzle Brush. Who doesn’t want to look their best wherever you go?

13. Safe Sound Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights, KOSIN

Prior to this, you read about the Lightweight Portable Door Lock by Anpen that we recommended. Another safety accessory that you should consider gifting alongside it is the Portable Self Defense Personal Alarm by KOSIN.

This alarm doesn’t attract attention because it actually resembles a normal, ordinary keychain. However, don’t be deceived by its aesthetics because, once the pin is removed, it produces a loud sound which can grab people’s attention immediately. This alarm can ring for up to 50 minutes depending upon the battery life. In my opinion, every woman should carry one just in case. Think safety first!

14. Lint Roller, Refillable, Flint

No one likes lint, pet hair or other such particles in their living space, and definitely not on their clothes, regardless of whether they are in or away their home. You can save your female solo traveler from this annoyance by gifting her a refillable Lint Roller by Flint.

As the name suggests, this lint roller is refillable and comes with extra sheets apart from the 30 that are delivered in the device. It is also retractable, which means its sticky sheets can be used only when you need them and saved while you don’t. So convenient!

15. Lightweight Cabin Carry On Hardside Suitcase with Spinner Wheels, American Tourister

This is a no-brainer. Everyone needs a sturdy suitcase, no matter where they are going on their trip. My best pick in this regard, which you can gift to your female solo traveler with confidence, is the Lightweight Cabin Carry On Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels by American Tourister.

It is compatible with many airline brands, including Air Canada and Easy Jet, thanks to its dimensions of 20 x 14 x 9 inches. It has a hard outer shell and 360 spinner wheels making it very easy and convenient to roll on many different surfaces.

Furthermore, it has expansion on all sides for added packing capacity, a wider pull handle combine to provide an exceptionally comfortable grip and a retracting top and side carry-handles which remain protected when checking baggage.

Why not save your friend from struggling with baggage from place to place. Give her a quality bag which will support all of her belongings without incident!

16. 4 in 1 Travel Blanket, Let’s Innovate Life

Imagine having jetlag on the very first day of your most awaited vacation. Painful, right? I am sure, you don’t want this to happen with your beloved lady traveler. Well, all you need to do is gift her the 4 in 1 Travel Blanket by Let’s Innovate Life.

She can use this versatile item like a typical blanket, or as a backpack, a hand carry, or even a pillow. It is made from thick plush polyester to keep you warm during long and tiring flights. When zipped up, it has the dimensions of 12” by 10”; whereas, when open, it is 40” wide and 60” long. It has a special strap and 2 mesh pockets to turn it into various forms of bags mentioned earlier. 

17. RFID Blocking Passport Holder, PASCACOO

As a world nomad, I have enjoyed numerous breathtaking locations, but I have also witnessed many thieving incidents. One of the most common ones is identity theft, and the only way to avoid is by using wallets with RFID blocking. Your female traveler can also become a victim of such an incident unless you gift her one such item, and my pick is the RFID blocking Passport Holder by Pascacoo.

This wallet has RFID blocking shield placed within the cover to block any hacking attempts on your beloved’s personal information. It is made from environmentally-friendly premium-quality leather, which is soft and comfortable in touch. Being a brand, Pascacoo ensures superior customer service and provides a 1-year warranty for this passport holder.

18. Red Pepper Spray Keychain, Sabre

Crime is present in all parts of the world, regardless of how peaceful they seem; therefore, it is better to stay safe than be sorry. If your beloved lady friend is all set to start her adventures, then make sure that she leaves with the red pepper spray keychain by Sabre, a subtle weapon against criminals.

The coolest thing about it is that New York PD, Chicago PD, and even US Marshals trust it. This little terror-handler is HPLC lab-tested and can be used 25 times. It has a shelf-life of over 4 years and leaves a UV dye stain on the culprit for identification.

19. Travel Jewelry Box Organizer, Duomiila

Tackling fashion issues while traveling is bothersome. My worst nightmare is tangled jewelry, and my solution for it is the travel jewelry box organizer by Duomiila. I assure you, your beloved world nomad will love it!

Your solo traveler can store her bracelets, earrings, rings and multiple other precious keepsakes in this adorable bag, which has a superior-quality PU leather exterior and flannel interior. Furthermore, it has 2 removable dividers and a mirror. It is 3.94” long and wide, and 2.16” high.  

20. Multi-purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet, Zoppen

Are you concerned that someone might hack into your female solo traveler’s personal information? Stop worrying and get her the Multi-purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet by Zoppen.

This tri-fold wallet is made from superior-quality environmentally-friendly PU leather. It has multiple slots for all of her personal cards and passport, even for a cellphone around 5.8” high. As the name suggests, it has an RFID chip installed to keep the identity thieves away from your beloved solo adventurer.

21. She Believed She Could So She Did Stainless Steel Mug, Sweet Water Décor

The most daring step in life is stepping out of the comfort zone, something that your solo female traveler is about to do, because going on an adventure all alone requires a lot of courage. An excellent way to encourage and applaud her is by gifting the She Believed She Could So She Did Stainless Steel Mug by Sweet Water Décor. 

It can hold up to 17 oz of your world nomad’s favorite beverages. It is insulated, which means that it will keep the liquid at her desired temperature. The outer side is soft and adorable with the motivational quote that will keep her confident at all stages of her adventure.

22. Dry Bag, Acrodo

Do you know a certain female who loves her evenings by the beach in foreign lands? Are you searching for a suitable gift option for her?

Well, don’t look further, gift her the Dry Bag by Acrodo. She’ll love this well thought out gift!

This bag is transparent, so she could see her belongings while having a swim. However, ensure that the bag doesn’t stay submerged for a long time because it only keeps the water away for a few minutes.

23. Manicure Set, Keiby Citom

Boujee outfit and plain nails don’t fit at all. Am I right, or am I right?

Your solo female traveler will surely nod to this, so why don’t you solve her problem, and gift her the Manicure Set  by Keiby Citom? Inexpensive yet handy!

The tools present in this kit are made from premium-quality steel and coated with ABS rubber. The brand promises that the tools will stay sharp for up to 10 years. The curved edges of the nail clippers ensure that your lady traveler trims her nails with precision.

24. Ultra-Lightweight Packable Backpack, Zomake

If you are in search of a basic yet useful gift, then you should get your hands on the Ultra-Lightweight Packable Backpack by Zomake. Your beloved solo traveler will absolutely love it when her shoulders will hurt a lot less while traveling!

This waterproof backpack has a capacity of up to 20L, thanks to its high-quality water and tear-resistant nylon material. Furthermore, more than 31 places on it have been strengthened with the Bartack Process. My main purpose in putting it on this list is its capability to wrap up into an ultra-compact pouch, as small as a sandwich.

25. Dirty Laundry Bag, Miamica

Dirty laundry is stressful at home, imagine doing it while enjoying some of the best days of your life. Well, it’s better to save the trouble if you are out for a few days. Is this the case with your lovely solo female traveler? Gift her the Dirty Laundry Bag by Miamica to so she could place her unwashed and clean clothes separately in an organized manner.

This bag has a small surprise within it, that is, at first, it looks small, but it has a drawstring closure that expands its size. It is made from lightweight tear and water-resistant microfiber material. While folded, it has dimensions of 6.3” x 6.2”; whereas, while open, it is 21” x 22”.

26. Travel Packing Cubes, Compass Rose Travel Accessories

The most stressful part about traveling is packing before commencing the adventure, which, for sure, your thrill-loving solo wanderer will be dreading right now. Why not save her the trouble by gifting the Travel Packing Cubes by Compass Rose Travel Accessories?!

The package contains 4 packing cubes, 2 grey, and 2 red. The main purpose behind this color combination is a color and number coded organizational system that makes packing a piece of cake. They seem small, but each one of them can store between 3 to 10 clothing items.

27. Travel Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pockets, Waypoint Goods

Are you in search for a gift that is both stylish and handy? Check out the Travel Scarf with Hidden Zipper Pockets by Waypoint Goods.

You have the freedom to choose from 36 different styles and colors. As you would have understood by the name, this scarf contains a hidden pocket for passport and other valuables, which can even fit an iPhone+. Waypoint is a small boutique that designs exclusively for female travelers, so they know what they are doing!

Showing appreciation never gets old

Well, If you want your female friend or loved one to remember you and smile while she sips a martini, on a serene beach, then take note and gift her items from my top picks for solo travel essentials, available on Amazon. A practical gift not only shows you’re taking an interest in her interests (like travel), it also gives her something that causes her to think of you often when utilizing your present. How great is that?

Let me know in the comments if you have received any of these or have other ideas. Let the idea sharing commence in the comments section!

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