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Cruising is fun. However, there are things you should do that can make your trip better. Here are a few cruise tips for you to consider.


  1. Get There The Previous Night


This is a must, as many people end up missing their boat because of elements such as bad weather, traffic or delayed flights, and other passengers board the boat in the nick of time, and this can be stressful. Instead, you should fly to the port of departure the night before, as this is essentially adding an extra day to your vacation. Make sure you view tourist boards, and you should check websites for deals on pre-cruise stays and post-cruise stays. Some deals include free shuttle service to your boat, and you may be able to get free parking, so always check for deals before arriving at your port city.


  1. Say Bye In Style


Say bon voyage in style by splurging a little. Many cruise lines offer gift packages that will await for you in your cabin upon checking in. For example, some lines offer packages that range from champagne and balloons to roses. Splurge and get a package and your other half will be impressed by the gesture. Here are some good tips.


  1. Don’t Go Near The Pool


That’s right, stay away from the pool because thousands of other people will have their eyes on it, and the chances are there won’t be a place for you to sit and there will be far too many people congregating in one area. Instead of heading to the pool, there are adult-only areas you may be able to go to, and they may have pools, so check those out. Also, make sure you view the ship deck plans, as this will give you an idea of where the pools that are not that crowded are, as well as whether or not there is an adult-only deck with a pool. Most lines have their ships’ deck layout available online, so check out your cruise line’s website and view the deck plans.


  1. Eat When You Want To Eat


Many ships encourage group dining, which takes place at a specified time, and this is fine if you like making small talk to the same strangers nightly, but you can break up the routine by eating on your terms. In fact, feel free to order in-room food service and go eat on your balcony or check out a specialty restaurant, which costs a little bit of money, but it is worth it. Plus, some restaurants have menus that are on iPads, but the food at such places are amazing and you will love it. Be spontaneous and eat when you want at the place you want because this will make your cruising experience that much more memorable.

  1. Stay Put On The Ship


Port calls are not as glamorous as they are made out to be and you end up spending a bunch of money, and instead of doing a port call, you can just stay put on the ship. Many facilities remain open and many of the facilities won’t be as busy as they normally are. Plus, you can relax on one of the decks and read a book or just go for a walk around the ship or go for a swim, shopping and so forth.


What are you waiting for? Take a cruise today and enjoy yourself. Just remember the five tips we’ve just discussed because they can help make your cruise more memorable.


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