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Never been camping before? Whilst it may not be the most luxury form of holiday, camping can be a lot of fun and remains as popular as ever. Here are just five reasons to give camping a go.


It’s great bonding time

Without the distractions of modern life such as TVs and wi-fi, camping can be a great bonding experience, whether you want to have an intimate getaway with a partner or enjoy some socializing around a campfire with family and friends. Camping can be especially good if you’re going away with kids and want to get them away from screens. Most kids will find it an adventure and it could help them to discover the joy of the great outdoors.

It’s a chance to connect with nature

Camping can also help you to feel more connected with the natural world around you. Most campsites are in rural locations – this means waking up each morning to fresh country air and green grass. We all need fresh oxygen in our lungs and UV rays on our skin to help lift our mood – it could be the perfect break if you’re used to spending every day working indoors. During the day, you can meanwhile take part in outdoorsy activities such as hiking, kayaking and visiting rural attractions.

It’s cheap

Another advantage of camping is that it’s very cheap. On average, campsites charge £10 a night for a pitch – this is a pittance compared to what you’d pay for a hotel. This makes it the ideal form of accommodation if you’re looking for a budget break. Meanwhile, if you’re brave enough to try wild camping, you could get your accommodation entirely free.

You can practically camp anywhere

On the topic of wild camping, bringing a tent gives you a lot of flexibility as to where you want to stay. If you’re travelling and want to be spontaneous, taking a tent could prevent you having to trudge around for available hotel rooms late at night – you can simply find a patch of empty land and sleep there. Such camping may require more hardy and compact tents of which you can find at this site. Hiking trails are one of the best places to get into wild camping

If you don’t like regular camping, there’s always glamping

Many people are put off of camping because of the lack of home comforts, but nowadays it’s possible to live like a king when camping thanks to the growing ‘glamping’ trend. Many campsites have pre-assembled tents with lighting, beds and even power outlets in some cases. This can be great for experience the outdoor thrill of camping in a more sophisticated manner. Glamping is often a little more pricey than regular camping, so bear this in mind. You can search online for campsites that offer glamping facilities.

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