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Let’s face it, only the most authentic experience is going to be the best! Whilst you think you might be able to get a taste of the island life at home with the odd Pina Colada every now and then, you’re seriously missing out on one of the most culturally rich experiences of a lifetime! So once you’ve packed everything you need, and you’ve got plenty of walking energy and optimism in your backpocket, it’s time to broaden your traveling horizons. And with summer swiftly on its way, it’s time to start planning for the getaway you’ve never had before: find an island famous for its party or holidaying reputation, and get stuck into the sun, sand, and sea before you.

There’s a Great Sense of Hospitality

When you’re isolated away from a continent, or the rest of a country by staying on an island in the middle of the ocean, you’re absolutely going to need to take care of each other. And when a country has a huge tourist trade to it as well, that offer extends to any visitor that comes to the shores.

Island life is something you should experience, if only to feel like part of a close knit and friendly community who always have a nice word for you. You can even be invited to stay the night in someone’s home, or have dinner with them for free and allow them to regale you with stories that will always give you a warm feeling inside. But if that kind of nomadic lifestyle isn’t for you, feel free to check into a place like the Courtyard Kingston and then explore at your own pace; there’s nothing wrong with using a hotel after all.

You Can Try Activities You’d Never See Back Home

Things like water-sports and diving down into the ocean to see all the colors on offer. It’s a kind of variety you wouldn’t see in your own little world, and there just isn’t much opportunity for it elsewhere either. So when you’re on an island, be sure to take up every thrill seeking adventure and adrenaline sport you see to make sure you’ve fully experienced a taste of the island life around you.

Even if you’re the kind of person who avoids roller-coasters back home, being able to let go in a new environment surrounded by people who cheer you on is going to be great for your memories (and your self esteem!).

There’s So Much Wildlife to See!

Wildlife that’s going to leave an impression on your for the rest of your life! You can dive down to coral and barrier reefs and see thousands of species at once. You can even head to a safari park to get up close and personal with any predator animals that seem cute from a distance! And let’s not forget the flowers and trees we can see around the island as well, so bring your sketchpad and the camera.

The island life is great for tourists!

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