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Traveling with anxiety? While some people consider traveling as part of their routines, others dislike the idea of going out of their comfort zones to sit in a plane for hours and mingle with locals from another country. The people who belong to the latter avoid traveling as it triggers severe anxiety. Instead of seeing its health benefits, some choose not to travel because it only causes chronic stress.

If anxiety is stopping you from seeing some of the world’s greatest attractions, use CBD or cannabidiol oil and consider it as an added supplement to your diet. CBD products that contain potent and quality oil can treat the causes of your anxiety and improve your mental health.

cbd oil anxiety while traveling

What Causes Anxiety About Travel?

Anxiety can become too severe for individuals that they’re willing to go to extreme measures just to avoid traveling. For them, every aspect of traveling can cause too much stress, and going on one isn’t worth it. Anxiety when traveling can also cause nausea, restlessness, insomnia, and chest pains. 

Anxiety about traveling can come in different forms, namely:

1. Social Anxiety

As the name suggests, this mental health condition causes extreme fear and anxiety once a person is involved in interactions with other people. If you have social anxiety, you avoid situations that require you to socialize because you don’t want to be judged or ridiculed by other people.

Social anxiety can result in excessive self-consciousness that you can’t speak with other people or eat in front of them.

Social anxiety is common when traveling as you’ll have to reach out and spend time with new people as you go places. Regardless of where you’re heading and how long you’re traveling, you have to talk to several people whom you’ve never met before. 


2. Aerophobia

This is a type of anxiety disorder that causes extreme panic and fear for a person who rides a plane. Some people experience severe aerophobia that thinking about a plane ride can adversely affect their breathing and ability to focus. This mental health condition can also cause increased heart rate, cold hands, trembling, and a choking sensation.

Aerophobia can be caused by exposure to media that shows plane crashes and other similar incidents. In some cases, aerophobia is a genetically inherited mental condition.

Regardless of the severity or frequency, experiencing any of these anxiety disorders can make any trip stressful and inconvenient. Because of these anxiety disorders, your desire to experience a new destination can become the reason why your health and safety will be at risk.


How Can CBD Oil Treat Anxiety When Traveling?

Cannabidiol is one of the 113 compounds in the cannabis or hemp plant. CBD oil goes through an extraction process using the entire hemp plant or some of its parts. CBD oil contains chemicals called cannabinoids that are known to positively impact the human body.

According to studies, CBD oil can treat anxiety and manage its symptoms through the following:

  • CBD oil can interact with the receptors in your brain. This reaction can alter your brain’s ability to produce serotonin, a chemical neurotransmitter that serves as a building block for your mood, social behavior, and mental health.

There is a connection between anxiety and serotonin as people who have low serotonin levels have higher risks of developing anxiety. CBD oil works by boosting the serotonin production in your body, resulting in reduced stress and lower chances of developing anxiety and other mental health conditions.

CBD oil can ward off anxiety when you’re traveling. So instead of worrying about what could possibly go wrong during your trip, CBD oil can help you stay relaxed so you can better enjoy your trip.

  • CBD oil can also serve as an antidepressant for people who are suffering from social anxiety disorders. In a study published in 2011, individuals with social anxiety disorder successfully delivered a speech in front of a huge crowd after using CBD oil.

This product is known to regulate or calm the body’s stress hormones and help individuals survive social situations, such as creating new relationships with other people and traveling to new destinations. Talking to the locals in your next travel destination will become a breeze once you use CBD oil!

  • CBD oil doesn’t only treat the causes of the anxieties you usually experience during traveling. This product can also help manage other health conditions associated with anxiety.

Once left untreated, CBD oil can lead to a web of health problems, namely sleep disorders. Anxiety can often trigger insomnia, making it hard for you to get some shuteye every night.

Since CBD oil is known to treat the causes of anxiety, you won’t have to worry about sacrificing sleep. With continued use, CBD oil can improve the quality and duration of your sleep and boost your overall health. Traveling will be more fun if you’re healthy doing it.


Seek Medical Approval

Because the human body is built to tolerate large doses of CBD oil, this product promises better and safer results than most over-the-counter drugs. However, before you start looking for CBD suppliers, consult your doctor first. You should seek their approval before using or consuming any products that can affect your health.

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