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In the spirit of keeping things international, I met backstage with the lovely Kati Stern, renowned fashion designer behind the Venexiana fashion house. She told Dreams in Heels about her fabulous new collection, “I tried to create something special and appealing for the European market as well as the US market”. This time around, her garments showcased beautifully embellished fabrics, seductive silhouettes and a sophisticated color palette, evoking romance and glamour with her designs. Born and educated in Europe, Kati Stern is not only an acclaimed fashion designer; she is also a professional architect, a classically trained pianist and a passionate flamenco dancer. “Because I am also an architect, symmetry is very much in my design, and of course, it’s summer, so I brought in some very beautiful colors.” Launched in 2003 by designer Stern, Venexiana can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and other leading retailers around the world.

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Slideshow Photography by: Arthur Eisenberg


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