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Visiting Jaipur, the pink city of India, soon? The entire Pink City, located in Rajasthan with its 7 gates, will take you back into the past. Jaipur has a lot to offer as one of the top cities to visit in India. It is a truly eye-catching city, with amazing forts, palaces, incredible history, stunning architecture, and very photogenic (instagrammable) places. While I recommend two full days, which is the least to truly see all the best and must see places in Jaipur, what if you only had one day? Here is a quick 24 hour guide (best places to visit in Jaipur in one day) to enjoy some of the best of what Jaipur has to offer with tips to ensure a fabulous and productive day.

Best Places to visit in Jaipur in One day

Best Places to visit in Jaipur in One day – Must see, do, and eat in The Pink City of India!Transportation around Jaipur

Moving around Jaipur can be quite challenging due to how relatively spread out the top attractions are (especially the forts). I would say that the best way to move around Jaipur is to book a driver or to hire a rickshaw. In my personal experience, I had a driver provided by the company, Delhi Airport Service, to explore The Golden Triangle, starting from Delhi.

It was definitely more convenient because not only did the driver know his way around, with over twenty years of experience, but also I could visit each location in my own time since the driver would be waiting for me outside. For certain things, like exploring the narrow streets of the inside of the walled pink city, or for shopping, a rickshaw was easier (or just simply walking). But to really see the beautiful forts and explore the highlights, a driver is a much better option.

Welcome from Delhi Airport Service driver dreamsinheelsWhere to go for Breakfast in Jaipur?

Start your morning by having breakfast at your hotel of choice or just find a good spot to eat. My driver took me to this restaurant called Rainbow Restaurant (a multi-cuisine restaurant) and the food and service were very good.  They have a little bit of everything on the menu, and at decent prices. The place is simple, with good AC, nice and friendly staff. There are also Vegetarian and Vegan Options available. It is a nice place for lunch as well.

rainbow restaurant jaipur india

Another option for lunch

My driver took me to have lunch to this restaurant, called The Royal Treat Multicuisine Restaurant.

royal treat multicuisine restaurant jaipur india

The service was fast and friendly at this restaurant. I also found the food to be very tasty.

indian food - cuisineTop Places to visit in Jaipur in 1 day – Must see places in Jaipur


  1. Amber (Amer) Fort

Start your day by visiting the Majestic Amer Fort when it first opens (8:00am). I promise that you will totally fall in love with it. Amer Fort is one of the most iconic places to visit in Jaipur.

Amber Palace / Amer Palace Jaipur indiaOpening hours is the best way to truly explore it and see it with fewer people around. The real truth is that the Amer Fort is super touristic and highly visited. It is definitely tough to not be surrounded by lots of other tourists.

So, to find a few moments of what I call, “windows of opportunities” to take amazing shots with fewer people around, better for you to show up earlier. You just have to be patient and find the right opportunity.

This was one of my favorite forts. While I also enjoyed the Agra Fort when visiting the city of Agra (with the view of the Taj Mahal afar in the distance), Amer Fort is better preserved since it did not suffer the British attacks like the Agra Fort. In Agra Fort, you can see many areas that were burned, while in Amer Fort you can appreciate the details more. The architecture is just “wow!”

Also, I totally love how you can see the Jaigarh Fort (above the Amer Fort) from there. While, I am sure the Jaigarh Fort is also impressive (Home to the largest free standing cannon in the world), if you only have one day in Jaipur, prioritize seeing the Amer Fort. It is definitely more impressive and you can still admire the Jaigarh Fort from afar, especially when you go all the way to the top, which makes for a great picture opportunity to keep as a souvenir for yourself.

*Pricing for the Amber (Amer) Fort: 500 rupees (almost 8 dollars)

In case you have extra time, pricing for the Jaigarh Fort – 100 rupees ($1.50)

Special thanks to my friend from Colombia, Farid. He was my amazing photographer around The Golden Triangle.

Note: All the prices listed are for overseas visitors/ foreigners, not for Indian visitors. Indian visitors pay a lower ticket price. Also, if you are a student, bring your student ID card to save a lot on the entry tickets costs in general.

  1. Jal Mahal (Water Palace)

While you cannot visit Jal Mahal (which means Water Palace) or walk on its grounds, you can simply enjoy the fantastic view of it from afar. It lays on the Man Sagar Lake with a unique structure and design like no other. In the past, people were able to visit by boat but currently, due to issues that were not specifically disclosed, it is no longer possible. I still recommend you to stop and appreciate it, on your way back from the Amber (Amer) Fort. It’s a great spot for a photo opportunity or just simply to take in the awe-inspiring architecture of this floating palace on the water, while the birds fly around it. A must-see sight!

water palace jaipur indiaFun Fact: Jal Mahal has five floors but four of them are underwater. I truly hope that one day they reinstate the visiting by boat. It’s on my bucket list just in case!

Pricing for views of Jal Mahal: Free of cost

Delhi Airport Service driver - Dreams in Heels
My private driver, Rana from Delhi Airport Service –
  1. Hawa Mahal (The Palace of the winds or “Palace of the Breeze”)

Hawa Mahal, or The Palace of the winds, is a magnificent place to see, a must-do if you visit Jaipur. For those with very limited time, you can always take a picture from outside; plus, there is little to see inside the complex. If you want to save the entrance fee cost, plus the energy of climbing up 5 confined sets of stairs, just admire it from the street.

Fun Fact: What people believe to be the front, what you see from the street view, is actually the back of the structure. Another option, best tip: Go and have coffee or lunch at the café just across the street from Hawa Mahal. It has a balcony and it is one of the best ways to get that awesome shot of you in front of it from a little bit higher up.

Interesting historical fact: Hawa Mahal was originally built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Singh with one purpose in mind: For royal women to observe the streets (daily lifestyle) without being seen. Hawa Mahal was an extension of the women’s chamber and part of the City Palace. The majestic building has 5 floors and it makes you feel as if you are in your own pink or rose-colored fairytale.

On the exterior, you can observe 953 small windows (it totally looks like a beehive/honeycomb), long with the red and pink-colored sand stones used to build it.

hawa mahal jaipur india pink city of indiaTicket cost to Hawa Mahal – 50 rupees

Time open: 9:00a.m. – 4:30p.m. daily


  1. Albert Hall Museum

Since my schedule was a little busy, I did not get the chance to visit the inside of the Albert Hall Museum, but I do recommend it as a place to visit if you have time during your one day. I saw the outside of it during the day and also at nighttime. It is a wonderful and unique structure to see even if you are not into museums. I personally loved the illuminated building during the night, since it changes colors, from blue, to purple, yellow, green, etc. It looks so pretty and it makes for an amazing sight.

Albert Hall Museum nighttime light showI definitely need to come back to Jaipur, whenever I am next in India, to enjoy the inside of this museum and view some other sights that I’m still interested in seeing and regret missing.

About the Albert Hall Museum and what can be found inside:

Albert Hall is the oldest museum of the state and functions as the State museum of Rajasthan. It has art collections not only from India but also from different parts of the world (like Egyptian Culture). The collections are arranged logically to go through this showcase of history, heritage and architecture of different periods and it also hosts a very extensive collection of art and showcases a lot of sculptures, pottery, paintings, arsenal and much more.

Albert Hall Museum nighttime light show jaipur in one dayPricing for the Albert Hall Museum or Cost for the entrance ticket to Albert Hall Museum?:

General entry ticket – 300 rupees

Night visit entry ticket (7:00 to 10:00 PM) – 100 rupees


  1. Explore the local markets and do some shopping in Jaipur, the leading manufacturer and exporter of textilein India!

While this might not be for everyone, I do recommend it because Jaipur is known as the leading manufacturer and exporter of textiles in India. It is an amazing and budget-friendly place to shop and to even visit a factory where you can see how they hand block printed fabrics and learn how the process has evolved over the years.

handblock printingAs a lover of fashion, I’m a big believer that every culture has their own style – and I love to see and experience it first-hand. I went to visit a factory that shared their process and also had several floors selling ready-to-wear clothing (which Jaipur is famous for) with fabulous prints and colors: sarees (saris), beautiful skirts, blouses, hand-pressed scarfs, sarongs, kurtas, home decor and much more. A woman’s paradise! HINT: Men, you can consider purchasing something for a special someone in your life. She will appreciate it!

  1. City Palace Jaipur

Here you’ll find the entrance to the Hawa Mahal, where doors open onto a spacious courtyard with two-storied buildings on three sides. The City Palace was built in the early 1700s and locals recommend it as a place to visit in order to learn about their history. The opulent City Palace still houses the royal family along with several museums which showcase collections of textiles and art that are open for public viewing.

There are multiple guide methods: Select one of the multilingual guides organized to lead you around, and/or obtain the pre-recorded audio guide (especially if you really love to learn the history and do not want to miss important facts), you can also just read about it beforehand online and just explore it on your own.

Note: City Palace includes Chandra Mahal and Mubarak Mahal along with other buildings in the complex. Maharaja Jai Singh designed it and it’s a fine combination of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture.

It is good place to take pictures since there are pink walls, amazing doors, the armory display, and other items of interest. Although, the palace closes at 5:00 PM, if you do have the time to make it there without missing my next recommendation (sunset time at Nahargarh Fort), then go ahead. I did not find it to be as impressive as my other previous recommendations, but still worth a look-see and it might be a good choice for you (depending on your interests).

Ticket cost for City Palace Jaipur: 500 rupees (almost 8 dollars)

  1. Sunset time at Nahargarh Fort

I would say that, if you only have one day in Jaipur, and you truly want to enjoy a sunset, then the Nahargarh Fort (with the whole view of the city of Jaipur), might be your best choice.

History 101: Nahar means tiger and Garh means fort (translating to Tiger Fort for us).  It is pretty high up in the hills along the edges of the mountain, so you definitely need a car to take you there. By standing on the walls (of course, always be careful; never risk your life to see a view or take a photo), you can enjoy the most amazing views of Jaipur. The sunset is truly memorable from there and shouldn’t be missed.

There is also a gallery and the wax museum at the fort. They close at 5:30pm.

Ticket cost for Nahargarh Fort – 200 rupees (3 dollars) and includes a free chai tea and bottle of water at the restaurant.


Photo Credit: Tourism of India

How to save money in Jaipur entrance tickets if you are visiting several of these tourist attractions?

You can purchase a Composite/Combined entry ticket at many of the sights/attractions I’ve discussed here. The ticket will cost 1000 rupees (around 16 dollars), it is valid for two days and allows you access to the following sites in Jaipur:

Amber Fort, Albert Hall, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar (Observatory), Nahargarh Fort, vidyadhar garden, Sisodia Rani garden & Isarlat (Sargasooli). 

HINT: As you can see, 4 of my recommended places to visit in Jaipur, in one day, are listed above so it will save you some bucks!

Overall, The Pink City of Jaipur must not be missed if you visit India. It has very beautiful sights to enjoy and definitely more than enough to do and see. I hope that this travel guide, with best places to visit in Jaipur in one day, has inspired and helped you plan your visit. Remember to always customized any trip based on your interests or just simply go with the flow of the day. India is not only incredible but it was also super unexpected! Enjoy it for yourself!

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Best Places to visit in Jaipur in One day – Must see, do, and eat in The Pink City of India!

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