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Who ever said you had to spend a lot of money to look fabulous, WAS WRONG. There’s so much we have to worry about, bills, travel expenses, your best friends birthday present and more. However, whatever the case may be, spending less on clothing and still looking fabulous sounds like a winner to me! Did you ever hear about Budget Shopping? Which leaves you with money to handle those other expenses. Below is a list of 3 places in “The Big Apple” you must visit. Perfect for fashionistas on a budget. Tell them Dreams In Heels sent you!

1.) Century 21, has to be one of the top discount department stores in NYC. Expect, up to 65% off retail 100% of the time. A top must have, London Times Petite Red Asymmetrical Neckline Dress.


2.) Beacon’s Closet , This store is resale heaven! Check out this stylish, so street T-shirt.

Street Wear

3.) Buffalo Exchange, Shop new, used and vintage fashion. Shop at you nearest location.

This was a guest post by: Angelica R. Moore

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    Greetings from Los Angeles! I truly enjoy the information you present here. I am a total fashionista!I cannot wait to go shopping.

    Wonderful blog!


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