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This spring/summer, The Costume Institute exhibition by The Met Museum features a punk collection that analyzes the way this music and style trend has impacted on high fashion.


First of all, I think we must all admit that we’ve been getting naturally closer to the punk trend for a long time. An unfavorable economic panorama, the rediscovery of new aesthetic ways of using spikes and studs among others help us paint a scenario that is similar to the one that made the punk music and style born.
That was the first impression I got when I visited the exposition. Seeing clothes both prêt-a-porter and couture that were created more than 3 decades ago and realizing they were still relevant and forward, was very interesting. Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Dios star in the collection and it gets mixed with more modern creations by Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga to give place to unique and beautiful pieces that also makes a fashion statement out of the DIY and bricolage, making of high fashion something that can be created by all of us.

Even though I had a great experience, the exposition hasn’t been getting positive reviews mainly because it doesn’t stay loyal to the true spirit of punk. I believe that fashion inspiration can come from anywhere in the world to create something beautiful even if that’s unearthly to the original inspiration and that this is not a valid argument for critique. That’s trying to set norms to the creative process. What do you guys think?
Now, The Costume Institute Exhibition is inaugurated every spring with the Met Gala, an event that is full of glamour and A-list personalities. The red carpet event is hosted by Vogue who also is responsible for making a special issue of its magazine covering the event. This year, for the first time, the red carpet arrivals were broadcasted through, and the website of the Metropolitan Museum. With this, the event got to attract press and international attention to the level of a Hollywood award. The Gala, and its influence in the fashion world, has been called responsible for the survival of the Alexander McQueen brand after the death of the designer and even as been consider a great factor of future success in the relaunch of the Schiaparelli brand. Who? Exactly.

Most 2013 fashion related people have never heard of such brand but after the exposure in the Gala, everybody took it as a personal homework to research about it. The Met Gala is also a great point of exposure for sponsors such as Amazon and, through a very classy and well thought combination of theme party, red carpet and celebrities, as been able to become a marvelous advertising venue that is different from bloggers and movies and that is perceived as new, relevant cosmopolitan and simply a public relations wonder.

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