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Discover your inner self by taking a moment to clear your mind. Close your eyes. What is the first thing that pops into your consciousness?


For most people, it is a sound, or a feeling. For some, it is a touch of a special person. As we age, we yearn for the days that have long passed. We think about family. We think about everlasting friendships. Verbally expressing yourself is just one form of inner self expression. However, psychologists tell us that the formation of thoughts takes moments of self reflection. Breathe deeply. Relax your muscles. What thoughts are forming? What subjects would you like to explore? How about an exotic vacation on a sandy beach? Start picturing your feet touching the water. Writing about thoughts, ideas, fears, happiness, anger are beneficial to discovering the person that you are inside. Feel the stress melting away as you begin to type. Learn more at: onmyminddaily.comon my mind daily

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