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In this occasion, Dreams in Heels brings you the most fabulous winter hair trends. Now that fashion week is approaching, it is time to shake things up and change our look . Go from sleek to modern to reckless and edgy. If you don’t have the hair length or volume to create these styles, consider adding beautiful human hair extensions like Eye for Design hair extensions to achieve the look. Try out these top 5 Winter hair trends and show us your look by tagging us on social media via our username dreamsinheels.


DIY: Top Winter Hair Trends and Tutorial with Eye for Design Hair Extensions


Hair Stylist: Kristen White Imagery
Photographer: Aj Day Photography
Hair extensions: Eye for Design Hair Extensions: Color #12, 18” Long

 The Rebelling Ballerina Bun: The Rebelling Ballerina Bun is a different take on the classic ballerina bun. It’s an edgy more modern twist that offers no apologies. Instead of making the perfectly coiffed ballerina bun switch it up by creating a more haphazard look. Start with a sleek pulled back base and end it with a messy bun that has lots of volume and texture. You can also add flyaways and tendrils to the base and create a messy or perfectly sculpted braided top knot. Don’t be afraid to be a rebel and add edge to your look.


Braid Trend


Hair Stylist: Kristen White Imagery
Photographer: Aj Day Photography
Hair extensions: Eye for Design Hair Extensions

Braids and Twists: Braids and twists are the go to hairstyle for every season. There are so many different ways to wear the braided hairstyle that it is impossible to run out of options. From the chic half up and half down fishtail braid to the simple but beautiful side plait, adding a braid to your look instantly gives it style.




The Power Ponytail: This isn’t your typical easy on the go ponytail. This season’s hot look has depth and style. It is reminiscent of the standard sleek pulled back pony, but that is where it ends because the tail end has all the power. Create an exaggerated pony tail that is full of volume and length then add different textures, waves, crimps, curls or patterns, braids, twists, loops to it to make the look more impactful. Hair extensions are often used to achieve this look.




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