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The sun has got his hat on, hip, hip hip hooray! When the sun is beating down, and you’re in need of a drink, try one of these chilled and refreshing options.




For all the coffee lovers out there, try an iced coffee or frappuccino. Coffee, milk and syrups, blended with crushed ice and topped off with some squirty cream are very tasty. If you are concerned about all that milk, remember that many coffee shops offer soy or almond milk now, so go ahead and enjoy your coffee hit.

As lovely as these drinks are, going for one every day at lunch can be a bit expensive. The solution to this is to make yourself one at home, saving some money, but still getting your iced coffee fix. You’ll find some lovely different frappuccino recipes to try at home at




Another summer drink option is a healthy and chilled smoothie. Instead of blending your fruits with juice or milk, used crushed ice. This gives it a lovely sorbet-like texture and costs you zero calories. You can make any of your favourite smoothie recipes into a chilled drink with this method. Some flavours I recommend are banana chocolate peanut butter and this one from my previous post.


Iced water


Ok, you’re thinking ‘boring!’ But you’re wrong. There are tonnes of interesting products available to spice up the taste of your water. Which is a good job as we know that water is very good for you, and we should be drinking two litres a day?


There are premade flavored waters, but you can also get these cute water bottles that have room for fruit and ice. The fruit flavors the water naturally, no artificial chemicals involved and the ice keeps it cool. There is no better choice for your daily run or visit to the gym.


Iced Tea

Very popular in America, iced tea is a cold sweet tea drunk in hot weather. You can buy ready-made brands like Lipton, which come in different flavours like lemon and peach. You can also easily and cheaply make your own. Make tea as normal with hot water. Leave to cool and then add iced water to the mix to get your desired strength. The hot water allows the tea to infuse as it should, so this step shouldn’t be missed out. You can make iced tea with normal black tea and a slice of lemon, or you could use rooibos, green or white tea or any of the herbal teas you like the taste of. If you have a sweet tooth, add a sugar substitute like Splenda or Stevia, to the tea to save on calories.


Something Alcoholic?


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One of the best summer pleasures is to sip a cocktail on a hot day. French martinis taste fantastic and are tres stylish. Just add pineapple juice to your usual martini recipe. Another summertime favourite is white wine, soda water, elderflower cordial and slices of cucumber. It’s a bit like a Pimms and is totally divine.

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