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When you have limited time in your schedule for a bite, or you’re looking to end your day of back-to-back shows with a seriously satisfying meal, but don’t know where to go, we got your back. Dreams in Heels have found some of the best spots to hit for a snack, drink or some comfort food whether you’re near Lincoln Center, Spring Studios, or anywhere in between during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. Time for some fashionable eats!


The Smith,

Literally located directly across from the Lincoln Center and offers a clean and neat feel!

1900 Broadway



A great Mexican eats and only a few blocks from Lincoln Center, you can do a lot worse than some quesadillas and a couple margaritas after a long day of looking at runway models.

185 Columbus Ave


Tavern on the Green,

Also located near the Lincoln Center and the perfect find if you end up with an hour to kill in between shows. Grab few drinks (or more) here!

67th St Central Park West


PJ Clarke’s

After spending all day looking at beautiful people, get yourself a little ego boost with a burger at PJ Clarke’s. Sit at the bar and order a burger with a smile and pride. Those girls are all too skinny anyway.

44 West 63rd Street


The Sweet Green

If you need a quick healthy fix, this newly-opened TriBeca branch is of many New Yorker’s new favorite salad spot. The salads are top notch and locally sourced, and located near Spring Studios!

413 Greenwhich street


The Butterfly

An excellent cocktail bar that doubles as a restaurant, the Buterfly is a perfect choice to hit for lunch, happy hour, or dinner with friends or clients.

225 W.Broadway. Br

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