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One of the most altruistic behaviors is helping our fellow people around us. However, many people end up volunteering or helping others due to selfish motives – pleasing friends and acquaintances or wanting to do something more meaningful with their lives. Whatever may be your motives to help others, you can be certain it will improve your happiness levels, health and in some cases, also promote longevity.

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Why People Indulge in Altruistic Behaviors?

Being completely selfless is something we, as humans, haven’t mastered. It may be a little easier for Christians to be more giving since it is part of their doctrine but even for them, giving to someone who is irresponsible is tough and perhaps unwise. Hence and furthermore, when we volunteer to help the needy and less fortunate, there are reasons behind it. Some of the main reasons why people like to help others are:

• Esteem enhancement: The good deed makes us feel better about ourselves and hence, brings more stability in our lives
• Personal development: By stretching ourselves and going out of our way to help others, we test our capabilities and also end up acquiring new skills that can come handy in the future
• Sense of community: By feeding or volunteering, we make our community a better place
• Humanitarianism: Serving and helping others invokes a strong religious or spiritual feeling in people. A person who helps others is often idealized by those who do not. Such people are put on a pedestal.

You might even say that “doing good” is part of our DNA. Studies have shown that our genetics actually impact our behavior. Genetic tests, like the ones offered by GenoVive, help you understand the “why” behind your behaviors. Want to know why you feel good when you give to others, participate in different activities, or indulge in certain foods, check out your DNA.

Feeding Others for Emotional Well being

Whether you donate your food to Food banks, help out in a soup kitchen or feed a homeless person, it promotes numerous benefits that most of us don’t even realize. People who undertake these altruistic deeds tend to have higher self-esteem, enjoy psychological well being and have higher levels of happiness.

The more you are committed to feeding the less fortunate, the more benefits you will reap psychologically. It has been observed most people tend to focus on volunteering in their adult years, but this focus starts waning by the time they hit the age of 60. Researchers say seniors should look to increase their altruistic behaviors and not reduce them, as they will benefit more.

A study by a researcher associated with Columbia University Medical Center states engaging activities with seniors promotes longevity and helping others is considered an engaging activity. So, if you go out of your way to feed the poor and less fortunate, you will be adding more years to your life expectancy.

When you see your actions are making someone happy, it causes your brain to release feel-good hormones. These hormones make you feel happy and joyful. To experience the same feelings again, you do the good deed once more and the cycle continues.


Feed Today for a Happy Tomorrow

There is so much food wastage in the country. We can do our bit to prevent this by sharing our food with people who cannot afford. Whether it is an elderly neighbor, a homeless person or a family living in poverty, sharing your plate with them will make you feel happy and good. This will improve your self-esteem and have a profound effect in all spheres of your life.

Once you realize true happiness lies in giving and not getting, you will never think twice about sharing your food and plate.

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    Thank you for this encouragement and wonderful reminders of the numerous benefits of being nice to others. There is so much darkness in this world today, I’ve shared your post on Betsi’s World Facebook page because we could all use more positive blog posts to read.

    1. Dreams in Heels

      Awww thanks so much. I am glad that you enjoyed this post. Also, I really appreciate you for sharing it.


      Olga Maria

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