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For all of the nature lovers who are thinking about a trip to Canada, Parks Canada is Waiving All Entrance Fees in 2017 to Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday. Dreams in Heels was twice in Canada i 2015 and we cannot expect less from them since they are the sweetest people. This milestone should be celebrate it!

This will give Canadians the chance to experience the country’s most beautiful national parks, something that many Canadians might not have had the opportunity to experience.Currently, a single day youth pass costs around $5 and an annual family pass can go for $135 and up, so the waive of these fees will attract more families who might not be able to afford the visit.
“I think the experience will be an exceptional one, particularly for many new Canadians who have yet to experience our national parks,” Darren Reeder, the executive director of the Banff Lake Louise Hospitality Association told CBC News.Reeder also said he thinks this initiative is a great way to introduce those who have yet to visit a park and those who have maybe lost familiarity with our parks to reconnect.

Most funding for Parks Canada’s roughly $670-million annual budget is generated by the federal government, but the agency also generates its own revenue from a variety of sources that include entrance fees, camping and recreation fees, rentals and concessions.

brown-bear-Canada National parks

Parks Canada will lose around $59 million in revenue for waiving park fees for one year…

We at Dreams in Heels think that this is a great initiative that will attract lots of tourists to Canada. One way or another one, this will bring lots of revenue from another sources to the tourism industry within Canada.

Help Canada to celebrate turning The Big 150. We hope to see you around!

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