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Europe and city breaks go hand in hand. It’s all too easy to drift into daydreams of autumnal French boulevards, sunny Spanish plazas and snow-kissed German taverns. But which of these cultural and historic hotspots are best for solo female adventurers? Here’s five essential stops of the best European cities for solo female travelers for next time you’re after a solo travel getaway…


Best European cities for solo female travelers


Ola Espagnol! You can’t go to mainland Europe and not experience the Mediterranean lifestyle. Marbella is a plush mixture of white Spanish buildings, swanky marina and strips of glistening beach. Whether you’re staying in a hotel or plush rental accommodation, Marbella is bustling with picturesque spots and things to do. Head to Selwo Marina, the city’s premier marine park, where you’ll get to see dolphins and sea lions and partake in a whole host of other fun activities. After that, why not walk up to Sohail Castle and soak up the Mediterranean views then hit the beach for another well-earned portion of vitamin D.

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Marbella Spain Travel


Germany’s capital is the cool capital of Europe. Seriously. It’s a haven for foodies, culture lovers and party animals alike. Oh, and it’s home to iconic sites like Checkpoint Charlie, the Berlin Wall and the Reichstag. Nightlife wise, the city is simply spoilt for choice. Free-thinking venues mean that safe space policies nearly always comes first here, with alternative institutions leading the way in both Berlin and the wider world. Whenever you’re hungry you’ll find that there’s no shortage of eateries covering vegans and meat lovers alike. Berlin actually has the biggest population of Turks outside of Istanbul, some of whom you’ll likely see running one of the city’s many kebab joints.

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Located near the Polish border, Lviv is a Ukranian gem perfect for an indulgent few days away. The Boim Chapel is one of its most recognizable sights, situated in Cathedral Square. The building dates all the way back to the 17th century and is a classic example of early eastern European architecture. In terms of food, Lviv serves up hearty Ukranian cuisine by those who know it best. Treat yourself with some varenyky (dumplings) stuffed with meat, or fill your boots with local variations on Italian, oriental and American cuisine.

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Lviv Ukraine

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The Dutch capital is another European hotpot of culture, serene canals and friendly locals. On top of that, most people speak English here so it’s easy enough to make new traveling friends. Rent a bike and cruise through the city’s various parks and alleyways – the Vondelpark is a particular highlight – or make your way around cultural institutions like the Van Gogh Museum.

Amsterdam Travel

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A trip to Paris can make anyone feel like they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow, regardless of your marital status. The only catch here is that you fall in love with the city itself, from the emblematic Eiffel Tower to the scent of sizzling onions from a downtown restaurant. Paris is a must-visit for tourists all over the continent, make your trip count with this Paris arrondissements guide, and fully embrace its French charms.

Paris France

As you can see, we provide you on this post with the best European cities for solo female travelers. If you’re a solo traveler, you can do no wrong by visiting any of these gorgeous cities. Behind each lies adventure, amazing photo opportunities and platefuls of delightful tastes you’ll savor forever. Do you recommend any other European city? Share your experience with us.

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