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Geraldine La Rosa’s passion for fashion led her to study modeling protocol at the Dearie Institute in 1990. She later on spent years studying at the Institute Figurin Mariano Moreno. In 2011 her astounding achievements led her to being viewed as an image consultant at the Institute Maison Aubele. In the years to follow 2011 – 2012 she became much involved in Costume Analysis courses at the Museum, where she made textile collections and assembled with all courses have been trained to work with design projects. As a self-taught fashion designer, she has founded her brand “Geraldmoon” and since 2009 has developed several collections.

"Geraldmoon" Collections by Bolivian Fashion Designer, Geraldine La Rosa
Geraldine by James H Morris 2
The world is her source of inspiration; traveling all over the globe and illuminating the talent within. Her first collection in 2010 ALWAYS SHINE was named as a designer the Cruceña official in Bolivia Mannasas Tradition, VA USA and furthermore has been invited to places such as ( Bolivia Fashion 2011 in Mclean, VA USA, Bolivia fashion 2012 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Latin Fashion Week 2012 in Washington, DC USA and New York Latin Fashion Week Hosted by DIHPR in New York, NY USA.) Geraldine has been honored to showcase her splendid and exclusive designs.
Geraldine by James H Morris 4
Geraldmoon by Geraldine has been given the opportunity to attend another well noted event, the Bolivia Fashion 2013 which takes place every year in Santa Cruz-Bolivia. This is an important event that brings a lot of National and International Designers who presented their latest collection. MOONLIGHT in particular dazzled on the catwalk.
Photo Courtesy of: James H. Morris
Fashion Styling by: JS Jose Santamaria Enterprises


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