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To start the year off right, Dreams in Heels embarked on a women empowerment fitness adventure with Sonia Satra, the founder of a program called Moticise.  Sonia is a super energetic and empowering woman who is passionate about the importance of aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions in order to become your highest self. And all the while staying, or getting in shape.  This is how in 2013, Moticise (Motivation + Exercise) was born. Sonia said: “I was running on a treadmill, watching some really bad morning TV, and thinking, this is completely uninspiring. And I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if I could just bring in my vision board? And that got me thinking of the goals and visions I have for myself—I started to picture them, imagine them, and go deeper into each one. And it was completely motivating! I thought, this is excellent—what if I could combine these things into, well, motivational exercise?” And let me tell you that Sonia is very engaging and really motivates you to bring your vision or dreams to life, one goal at a time.

Get your mind and body in shape with Moticise

Sonia’s creation, Moticise is an innovative fitness program that gives you a full body cardio workout AND rewires your brain for success! It combines aerobic exercise with mind set tools, like visioning, affirmations, and goal-setting, to help you tone your body, focus your mind, and create the life you’ve always wanted. Even for someone like myself who is not a fitness junkie, Moticise class was super encouraging and life-changing. I am not going to deny that I had to catch my breath a few times in order to keep up with Sonia. Since I have mostly avoided gyms, running, and cardio most of my life. I am more of a yoga lover, but Moticise was an amazing experience for me and now I am addicted to the DVDs. I do not think that I have to say that Sonia has an energy level that many of us in NYC do not have. I really found it amazing how she challenges you through the whole class, you can be doing jumping jacks, or kicking or punching, but she motivates you to aim higher. She makes you visualize one goal that you want to accomplish and makes you repeat things like: I can do it, I am focused, I am determined, and many more phrases. Also: she yelled how much do you want to _____ (which ever was your goal). How far will you go? By doing this, I noticed how you start reaching higher, aiming for more and focusing on your goal and on how to achieve it.




The interesting part is learning that the concepts of Moticise are supported by recent studies from Harvard Medical School Professor, Dr. John Ratey, the American College of Sports Medicine, and other institutions, all coming out with ground-breaking evidence that exercise not only enhances your mood and boosts your focus, but also creates new neural pathways in your brain. By adding mindset tools to exercise, you harness the power to decide what those neural pathways are, so you are actually physically rewiring your brain for success. “So many of our answers, our intuition, are locked in our body yet our mind overrides that with chatter, with negative beliefs,” says Satra. “By accessing that body intelligence, tuning into it with the mind, and getting stronger both mentally and physically, you become the highest, healthiest, best version of yourself.”

I invite you to be the best version of yourself by trying a Moticise class today. If you are in NYC, Sonia is giving a free class on January 24th from 8-10am. If you are not in NYC, but want to learn more about the program or to purchase the DVDs go to now!

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