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Leaving the city that never sleeps behind, I escaped to an all-inclusive Caribbean Travel Beauty Affair in paradise. Upon landing in Antigua & Barbuda, I was quickly impressed how this island, that is still a little underdeveloped, is so breathtakingly beautiful in its simplicity.

Sunset at Antigua and Barbuda

Arriving to the Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda

On the ride from the airport, we passed varying views, like scenes from a book written long ago: There were a few older women carrying jars on their heads (I don’t think that I can do that now) with perfect balance, I smelled the organic market as we passed through the middle of town, a beautiful old cathedral, and a little further on you cross a rain forest that’s really something to behold. I thought to myself, how lovely it is to be surrounded with such natural beauty.

As we passed the rainforest, my cab driver mentioned the zip lining there. Actually, I felt as though we were zipping along for soon I saw the famous bluff (or high cliff) and I knew that we would soon arrive at our destination, the famous Curtain Bluff Resort.

Staying at the Curtain Bluff Resort

The resort was opened on this cliff in 1962 by the late Howard Hulford. Howard began looking for a perfect piece of land in the Caribbean on which to build a quiet sanctuary for his family and friends since the late 1950s. He finally found it on the south coast of Antigua. Curtain Bluff started as a 22-room resort that was named after the bluff (rocky promontory) that separates its two beaches. Since then Curtain Bluff has grown, constantly improving, adding rooms (72 now) and facilities to become one of the best resorts in the Caribbean. It has the most amazing landscape – not flat but mountainous, surrounded by views of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It’s the perfect place to find peace, indulge in total relaxation and, the best part, is that there is something for everyone (in terms of activities). I really felt inspired to feed my body, mind and soul.

There’s nothing like the purity of fresh mountain air to inspire you to go outdoors and get physical. There is time every day at Curtain Bluff to enjoy a different activity. I especially delighted in practicing yoga on the deck in front of the ocean. It was so empowering and soothing at the same time. They also offer Pilates that helps your body loosen and feel very relaxed afterwards. Or perhaps you’d also enjoy a round of tennis, snorkeling by the reef, swimming or simply swinging in a hammock to the rhythm of the waves…it’s your vacation, so you decide! And you know what the best part is? That almost all of the activities with the exception of a few above-and-beyond luxuries (Cuban cigars, vintage wines, and spa treatments) are included in the room rate so you never have to be concern about breaking your budget.

Wine Tasting Experience

Luxury Spa Experience at the Curtain Bluff in Antigua

My Caribbean travel beauty affair continued as I arranged to go to the Spa and work on relaxing my mind. The Spa opened originally in 2007 and recently won an award as the best spa on the island. Actually, they offer the most unique and customized treatments, available nowhere else. In addition to the standard nail, hair, facials and massages, they have two signature treatments that cannot be missed: A caviar facial and a champagne & caviar massage.

Caviar Facial

The facial was like nothing I had ever experienced. The elite brand, called Pevonia Botanica, is made from all natural ingredients including natural seaweed and plants extract products. Like every other facial, they begin by cleansing and exfoliating your skin to rid it of any impurities (including that City grime). But it’s the pulse and pressure of the facial massage that’s followed by a caviar mask which is originally hot, and as it hardens and dries, becomes cool – it’s this combination that leaves your face glowing and rejuvenated.

Champagne and Caviar Massage

My second treatment was the champagne & caviar massage. Oh, how I did not want this Caribbean travel beauty affair to ever end! The masseuse applied just the right amount of pressure (firm and steadily) for a deep tissue massage. Once my whole body was kneaded and covered with the Pevonia massage oil (while I slept, I was so relaxed, I felt as if time had stopped), she began to pour a whole bottle of champagne on me. It felt warm and surprisingly relaxing. The next step was to shower and return to the massage table for a second rub down with the caviar cream. It felt heavenly and left my skin soft and glowing. NOTE: The same caviar cream is available for hand and foot treatments as well.

Curtain Bluff Spa Antigua and Barbuda

After every spa treatment I was offered several beverage and snack options. I selected a refreshing pineapple gazpacho and a glass of champagne. The snack awaken my hunger and I decided that it was time to feed my soul and find some sustenance. Everything at Curtain Bluff tastes so fresh and natural. There are such a variety of food options that it is impossible not to find something on the menu to entice your appetite. They are proud to lower their carbon footprint by growing many fruits and vegetables on the island and even the herbs they use to brew your tea at the Spa and Restaurants is grown in the Spa’s very own garden. Everything except the red meat is grown organically and cultivated on the grounds. And what is the result? An amazing natural flavor and very healthy meal. Suggestion: Make sure to try the tomatoes, mangoes and other fruits and veggies; the taste is so different from what you can find in U.S. Also, there are two restaurants: The open-walled Tamarind Tree serving breakfast and candle-lit dinners, and The Sea Grape restaurant where barefoot casual lunches and romantic dinners are enjoyed one step from the sand and a few feet from the water’s edge.

It’s pretty clearly Curtain Bluff is the ultimate lifestyle destination for feeding your body, mind and soul. The Best Caribbean Travel Beauty Affair you can have. It’s time to pamper yourself!

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