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Latinas Who Travel is a bilingual travel community (over 3,000 members) for Latina travelers and Honorary Latinas. Even further, it is a latina travel movement. Previously, there wasn’t much diversity in ads, on instagram accounts, or blogs, especially targeting the travel industry. We have seen movements such as, Black and Abroad or Travel Noire which have taken off quickly. The black community is very well represented in travel especially with ambassadors and travel bloggers such as Oneika of Oneika The Traveller, Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad and many others. We also see amazing Asian bloggers such as I Am Aileen (who is originally from the Philippines).

Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad, Oneika The Traveller and Olga Maria Dreams In Heels
Hanging Out with Fellow Travel Bloggers (Two of my favorite ones) Gloria Atanmo and Oneika In NYC

Latinas Who Travel Instagram Feed is a showcase of Latinas Traveling Around The World

Latinas Who Travel Instagram Featuring Latina Travelers & Honorary Latinas

When it comes to travel, there are not as many Latinas in the travel industry but this is quickly changing. This is true especially when you see people like Alyssa Ramos of My Life is A Movie (Cuban) and Stephanie of Travel Break (Mexican). Both of these are amazing travel bloggers that I admire so much. Also, as you guys can see, I am a Latina blogger and digital nomad of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, raised in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The good news is that Latinas traveling around the world is slowly growing and starting to trend.

Join the Movement: Follow This Bilingual Travel Community For Latina Travelers & Honorary Latinas
Dreams in Heels in Salzburg, Austria

As a proud Latina Who Travels, currently living abroad and based between Portugal, Austria and NYC (which will always be my home), I decided to start a Facebook community in January 2016 to connect women from different backgrounds (class, experiences, sizes, ages) who have one thing in common: Our passion for traveling. The beauty of this community is that it is also open to any woman who is interested and appreciates the Latin culture. Currently, the group has over 3,000 members and it serves as a safe space for sharing travel stories, fun facts, tips & resources, deals (cheap flights, hotels, etc.), must eat/see/do’s for any given destination, and the magical experiences shared with locals around the globe. There is not a better time than now to expand your horizons, get out to see the world or just simply explore your own neighborhood!

Bilingual Travel Community For Latina Travelers – NYC Meet-up

This community which also became a website for resources and tips for traveling Latinas, in English and Español, officially launched on April 4, 2016 during Hispanicize (the largest conference for Latinos in media) in Miami, FL. #LatinasWhoTravel is trending not only on Facebook, but also on instagram where we post inspirational quotes and also repost photos from Latina Travelers, Women of Color and our Honorary Latinas (who are also welcomed to be a part of the community)! In addition, we have a Latina Wanderlust Series where we interview latinas traveling around the world. NOTE: Our En Español section is slowly growing and we hope to offer more articles in Spanish soon.

Join the Movement: Follow This Bilingual Travel Community For Latina Travelers & Honorary Latinas - Latinas Traveling Around The world
Latinas Who Travel Community For Latina Travelers and Honorary Latinas

*We encourage you to use our hashtag #LatinasWhoTravel or en Español, #Latinas Que Viajan, to be featured on our instagram.

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