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Advancements in technology have made it possible to easily find a place to stay, from an application on your phone. As I was leaving New York towards Florida Area, I discovered that my friend could not host me at her home anymore. I panicked as I was looking online for a hotel and I saw how expensive the rates were. I was boarding the plane and searching online for last minute cheap travel solutions, when I remembered about a website that one of my friends recommended to me once,


Last Minute Cheap Travel Solutions


I rushed to the website once I was seated on the plane to find many shared rooms in people’s apartments and also studios for rent with minimums of a one or two day stay. There were so many cheap travel solutions!

I found great locations at Air Bed and Breakfast for as little as $50 a night and as high as $100 a night. This is when I found a beautiful apartment in the heart of Espanola Way. It was close to everything. It was walking distance from the best restaurants, stores, the beach, pool and park. It was close to Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive where I can find many hotels, lounges and more. The apartment had amazing reviews from previous guests, so I decided to go ahead and book just before my plane took off.



Once I got to Ft. Lauderdale Airport I ran into another problem, how to get to Miami Beach without having to pay an expensive cab in rush hour. This is when I found a cost effective way to get to Miami Beach, I discovered they had shuttles that take you straight to your door in Miami for $21. You will think everyone knows this, but when I asked lots of my friends on the phone nobody knew much about the shuttles and they were surprised on how cheap they were. I took the shuttle and finally got to Española Way where the hosts of the apartment received me with a warm welcome. They helped me carry my luggage to the second floor apartment. It was beautiful and cozy. I was treated like a princess and felt like I was at home. From a hotel that would cost me $249 a night, I ended up paying a little less than that for 3 nights in a beautiful, cozy and clean apartment in the heart of everything. Next time I go anywhere I will not have to depend that much on other people. After that day, I downloaded the AIRBNB Application to my phone. Right now I am researching a place to stay to be travelista (travel ready) in a budget (cheap travel solutions) for my next trip to Houston, Texas. Stay safe and travel more!








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