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Oriental Herbs? Does it ring any bells for you? Well, the the ancient wisdom of the Far East has been using oriental herbs for centuries as a beauty secret for skin and hair care. These herbs are known for doing wonders but it is all about the right formula. The question is, where to find it. Let’s learn more through the story of Yoko Obata, who developed a special formula which consists of herbs to target the areas of concern for your skin and hair.


Yoko Obata is from Japan and resident in the UK since 1996. She had experienced all sorts of skin problems…from severe acne in her teenage years and twenties, then sensitive and irritable skin in her early thirties. These experience led Yoko to study about Far Eastern Herbs and cosmetic ingredients. She started by formulating skincare products for herself and it worked wonders! When friends and family noticed the change they wanted to try it too. Soon she started providing skincare products for private clients during the next 5 years. Encouraged by clients, she developed the formula further to be able to offer these highly effective products to the public. This was the starting point of her own revolutionary skin and hair care brand, KOTOHA Cosmetics London.


Although established in London, KOTOHA skin and haircare products use ‘Shoyaku’- oriental herbs which have been relied upon in the Far East for centuries. So what are the Shoyaku oriental herbs? They are better known as Chinese medicinal herbs.

KOTOHA uses various herbs, depending on the purpose of the product and the areas of concern for the clients. For example, Shoyaku Herb Essence Brightening Serum contains Chinese Liquorice and Mulberry extract which are known to be effective for pigmentations, age spots or freckles. Anti-Aging cream, and some other products, contain Ginseng extract – one of the hottest ingredients in the beauty industry today – which prevents the reduction of hyaluronic acid in the dermis and encourages the regeneration of skin cells.


The best part is that KOTOHA’s products are all natural and are free from well known toxic ingredients such as Paraben, SLS, SLES, artificial fragrances and artificial colours. And the result is lustrous hair and flawless skin!

Products are available only at KOTOHA London. As a first time client, you will receive a Special offer of a 10% discount.

What are your skin and hair areas of concern?

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