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The travel industry has changed drastically across the course of the last few years, and one very big impact on that has been the millennial travel generation.

Millennials are a force to be reckoned with, and having the freedom to travel and explore new places is a huge part of their lives. For example, studies show that 39% of millennial and Generation Z workers wouldn’t accept a job that doesn’t let them travel.

Here are just a few ways millennials have changed travel for us all.

1. Social media

Social media has never been so powerful. Think of it as a real-life travel brochure in the palm of your hand, with the ability to search anywhere on Earth (and get real pictures of real people), in a matter of moments. And, all of this is accessible through the use of a few hashtags, or specific keywords.

Millennials love social media – they’re the driving force behind the success of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, and never has this been more apt than when it comes to travel. Nowadays, holidays need to be Instagram-friendly – after all, did you even go to that amazing beach and swim with the turtles if you didn’t spend a few attempts to get the perfect pic for the ‘gram?

Social media gives us instant wanderlust through just a few simple, beautifully shot images, and travel brands are fast cottoning on. Many of them now use the power of influencers to showcase their destinations around the world and gain traction, fast.

In turn, more and more of us are turning to social media to seek out new destinations, see that hotel we’re considering staying at up close and personal, or even look for interesting things to see and do wherever we’re traveling to.

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2. Accommodation

The ways in which we book travel and accommodation have become a lot more tech-focused, and affordable, and all this is down to millennials.

Sites such as Airbnb or give us the freedom to book authentic, cheap accommodation anywhere in the world, and guess who loves it the most? Millennials, of course.

This generation is huge fans of a bargain (and will be quick to share with friends using tools such as social media), and they love the authenticity it brings with it. They’ve shunned the likes of big fancy hotels for small, unique properties, and the travel world is indeed following suit. Not only this, but comparison sites are now a go-to for many of us seeking cheap flights, so we can save money on the travel part, and use that cash to spend while we’re on holiday, instead.

Travel needs to have that adventurous, spur of the moment feel to it, which millennials themselves crave, and sites such as those mentioned can help with that and enable us to book instantly. What’s more, we can book from anywhere we please, thanks to the invention of apps which are easily accessible on our phones and other mobile devices. Travel booking is really a breeze, and we have this generation to thank for it.

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millenials travel the world

3. Experiences matter for millenials

The interesting thing about millennials compared with previous generations is that they don’t care so much for the materialistic side of things, and are much more drawn to the experiences they can enjoy.

They’re all about seeing and doing things, and of course, this is really relevant when on holiday. Travel brands are realizing that local experiences, such as foodie, historical or cultural tours have become increasingly more appealing to the younger generation, and they know in order to stay afloat in a busy industry, they have to adapt.

Just look at sites such as Buzzfeed. The chances are that if you’re searching for travel articles you’ll never be short of ‘top foods to try when in this Thailand village’ and similar.

Social media also has a huge part to play in this. With experiences comes the need for sharing, and millennials will be quick to share whatever unique and cultural excursion or tour they’re embarking on with their thousands of followers in a heartbeat.

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