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The mind is powerful! The law of attraction clearly says that we could attract what we think about. Lately, I found myself constantly dreaming about visiting the beautiful island of Jamaica. What is there not to like about that thought. Being in paradise, looking at the mountain views while enjoying an early morning blue mountain cafe con leche; sitting down on one of the beaches of Montego Bay while sipping on a piña colada or strawberry daiquiri.
The best part of this thought is that I might have found the daily one stop connection to Jamaica…and not only I can keep it at home but it can be given to others as a gift or it can come with me to places since it simply travels in a jar. And what is there not to like about having Jamaica in a jar? This is why I want to introduce you to: Isola Scrubs which were born in Montego Bay.
Passport to Beauty: Daily One Stop Destination to Jamaica - Isola
This is their signature body scrub which was originally developed and hand made in Jamaica. Loaded with antioxidants and cellulite fighting coffee grinds, this is a powerful exfoliation that will change your skin’s texture in just one use. The Lemongrass aromas mixed with Coffee & Cane Sugar will certainly sweep you away on a daily getaway!
Passport to Beauty: Daily One Stop Destination to Jamaica
Photo Credit: Garvin Gray
Featured Image by: Garvin Gray


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