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A perfect makeup kit is a collection of your makeup and skin care products. The products in the kit keep on changing, growing, and advancing as time goes on. Makeup artists should have their kit always ready for their daily use. They carry what best works for them and their clients to achieve a flawless skin and enhance their natural glow. Here are some of the essential makeup tips for an artist makeup kit.

1. Makeup case

You will need a case to carry your beauty products. The case size depends on the makeup products and tools you have to carry with you. Choose a case that is portable and convenient to move with from one place to another. Ensure that your case is arranged in an organized manner to ease the hustle of looking for various products or tools. Your case should be clean and spacious. This is the key to professional makeup ideas.

2. Makeup brushes

Brushes are essential in a makeup kit. It is important to have both natural and synthetic brushes. You should carry different sizes and types of brushes. Ensure that you keep your brushes clean throughout. It is also necessary to disinfect before using them on the next client to avoid spreading of skin conditions and disorders such as acne.


3. Makeup remover wipes

The wipes are necessary for wiping off the makeups from your clients. They are also essential in helping you to rectify your mistakes or switching looks. You can also accompany it with a liquid makeup remover. It will assist in eliminating the stubborn makeups on your clients face.

4. Brush cleaner

The cleaner is used to clean your brushes after attending to your client. Some of them help to sanitize the brushes. It will enable to clean the brushes quickly without having to wait for them to dry. This enhances your speed especially if you are working on many clients like at a wedding show or fashion show. Cleaning the brushes is essential in that spreading of skin conditions such as acne and pink eye is restricted. They also add a sweet scent to your brushes which will not put off your clients.

5. Alcohol and hand sanitizer

Its concentration should be above 70%. Alcohol is a disinfectant, which is used to kill bacteria on your makeup tools. You can place it in a spray bottle for easier use. The more the concentration, the faster it dries. Thus, 99% alcohol will tend to dry much faster than other alcohol percentages. Hand sanitizer ensures the health of your client is looked at. Sanitation of your kits is equally important too.


6. White makeup cape

A cap helps to keep the products off your clients’ clothes. White cape reflects accurate light on the client’s skin, unlike the black one, which makes the skin to appear dull and pattered. It also shows the cleanliness every client would desire to see.

7. Cleanser, moisturizer, and toner

It is always best to start with a clean and fresh face before applying makeup on your client. The cleanser will help you do away with dirt particles or makeups on your clients face without drying their skin. Apply toner and moisturizers after cleansing the skin.

8. Foundations

They form the basis of all the makeups. As a makeup artist, having a good variety of colors for foundations is one of the professional makeup tips you should stick to. You can choose different palettes with a different number of colors. You can use a spatula to mix the colors together in order to have the exact color you need.


9. Concealers and correctors

Concealers are used to enhance the flawless of your client’s skin. They are often used under the eye or to cover acne or scars. Correctors are also used to hide scars, bruises, and other unflattering skin markings.

10. Eye makeup products

Eye makeups help to enhance the appearance of your eyes and your face generally. You should include a variety of good quality products, which includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, eye pencils, and fake eyelashes.

11. Disposable applicators

For the sake of your health and that of clients, it is important to use disposables applicators. They include lipstick applicators, makeup wedges or sponges, and mascara wands. This will prevent the spread of various skin conditions or disorders from one person to another.


Ensure your makeup kit is well organized and has high-quality products and clean tools. Other essential things are tissues, lipsticks and lip liners, hair products and tools, mirror, powder puffs, and cotton balls. Ensure that you also carry essential things such as painkillers, eye drops, deodorants, nappy bags, tampons etc. The mentioned tips will guide you to having a perfect makeup kit.



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