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If you are a keen traveler, there is no doubt that you will be willing to visit as much of Asia as you can in your life. This is a particularly fascinating continent, and somewhere which you can find a huge diversity of different cultures to dive into too. No matter what kind of experience you might be looking for, you can be sure that you will find something like it somewhere in Asia. But when you are planning a trip to Asia, you need to know the specifics – where exactly are you going to go and what can you expect to see there. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the top Asian destinations that you have to try if you want to get a varied and fascinating experience while visiting this beautiful continent.

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Where to go when planning a trip to Asia?


There is a good chance that Thailand is near the top of your list, if not at the very top of it. Most westerners who go to Asia do want to see Thailand, and it is a particularly tourist-friendly place to go in many ways. Its capital city of Bangkok is actually the most visited city in the world, so you know that there are going to be plenty of great opportunities for tourists. But what can you actually expect to see there, and what might you want to bear in mind before you travel? The more you know about Thailand upfront, the better off you will be as a traveler going there for the first time.

planning a trip to asia thailand

First of all, you should remember that it is a mostly Buddhist culture, and that is something that needs to be respected. Most Thai people will have a shine of some kind at their public place, and they will offer food and other offerings to that shrinks regularly. Be careful not to disturb such offerings, as you could cause a lot of dismay. But that aside, in general the Thai people are incredibly welcoming, and you will find that it is hard to put a foot wrong. In fact, if you happen to visit Bangkok during the Thai new year, you will be able to take part in the world famous Songkran festival. This is essentially a giant water fight with everyone in the city, and it continues for around five days. This is likely to be just about he most fun you’ve ever had,but you would do well to prepare yourself for it as well as possible by ensuring you have your passport and so on in something waterproof. Take care of that, and there is no reason not to get involved.

top asian destinations to try thailand

Remember too that Thailand is much more than just Bangkok – there is a whole country to experience, and it is surprisingly varied once you step away from the capital city. Going out into the countryside, you are likely to see any number of exotic wild animals, including elephants if you’re lucky, and many monkeys. You might even decide to go to an elephant sanctuary, but make sure it is one where they are looked after well. If you still want to see more of the cities that Thailand has to offer, then you might consider going down south to the beautiful city of Phuket. This city, and its surrounding area, has stunning beaches and some of the top resorts and hotels in the world. You would probably find it hard to leave such luxury once you have seen it, and it’s likely that this will be a favorite return spot for you at some point in the future as a result.

There are also other fabulous areas to visit such as Khao Lak. One of the highlights there is to go diving in Similan Islands. Fun Fact: This is where diving in Thailand became famous. A paradise!

Thailand is a great first spot for the traveler who is new to Asia – but even for the more experienced travelers it will still have plenty to offer. Consider it if you are keen to dive into Asia easily but fully.

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Not quite as popular as Thailand in tourism, but not far behind at around fifth in Asia, Malaysia is another incredibly beautiful and fascinating place which you should absolutely consider visiting at some point in your life. It is likely that you don’t know quite as much about Malaysia as you do about Thailand, but that is only more reason to actually go there, and see for yourself what it is like in person. As it turns out, you might well be blown away by some of the incredible sights on offer in this stunning part of Asia.

planning a trip to asia malaysia

One of the top attractions of Malaysia is arguably the rainforests, and these are definitely something to consider if you do go to this part of the world. Not only are they vast and beautiful, but they house some of the world’s most fascinating creatures, such as the famous bonobos. Even if you are not that interested in those, the rainforests are a great place to walk – guided, of course – and can be hugely relaxing and therapeutic to merely be under its canopies.

But it’s much more than rainforests that you can expect from Malaysia – it is also home to some of the world’s most visited – and most beautiful – beaches. If you are looking for a classic relaxation trip, then there are much worse places you could consider than beautiful Malaysia. You might even choose to live there some day – and if you are looking for house for rent Malaysia is a good place to get started on that hunt. If nothing else, it is bound to offer you a fascinating and fantastic experience which you can hope to remember for the rest of your life – and that is something worth exploring if you haven’t already.

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Nestled on the other side of the Himalayas to India, Nepal is a tiny strip of land which is almost entirely hills. There is a saying in Nepali which goes ‘Nepali flat’, which refers to a sharp incline of about forty-five degrees. The country has been ravaged by earthquakes in the past few years, but has also rebuilt with great resolve and reserve, and it remains a beautiful and fascinating place to visit if you are keen to see a completely different slice of Asian life.

planning a trip to asia nepal

One of the most common reasons that people visit Nepal is to go hiking, as the Himalayas and Annapurnas are right there on the doorstep. This is a valuable experience, and you might find yourself having some particularly breathtaking moments underneath the stars atop some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, feeling completely away from it all and in another world. But if hiking is not quite for you, there are still plenty of other things you can do and see in the beautiful country of Nepal. It is the homeplace of the Buddha, so you know that there is going to be great opportunity for spiritual travel, if that is your thing – or if not, you can merely spend a week in Kathmandu and become imbibed in the culture of the people. Nepal is one of the places full of fascinatingly friendly and open people, and it’s likely you will feel completely welcome wherever you go. Chances are, it will stay with you and you will want to return time and time again – which you would be welcomed to do, given how much they welcome their tourists.

The above are three great examples of the kinds of Asian destinations you have to try if you want to experience something new and exciting. They will all give you an interesting and valuable experience, so it is worth looking into each of them and considering traveling there. You might find you come out the other side of the experience a changed person.

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