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Let’s take time out of our usual busy day to pay tribute to the twelve journalists that were killed today in Paris. A reminder that many men and women like us in their chosen profession of journalism often put their lives on the line for the sake of freedom of the press and freedom of expression. RIP to those at Charlie Hebdo Magazine. Je suis Charlie! Our thoughts and prayers are with you today.

Dreams in Heels - France - Reflection: Je Suis Charlie - Charlie Hebdo Magazine

A special message from our French Lifestyle Contributor, Sylvie Pierre Alexis: “Bonjour, Today is sad day for us…In 1789, French obtained freedom of expression and it was established as a fundamental right, but today 12 people lost their lives in order to continue to have that right. Be proud of your freedom and fight for it always.”


Here is a special tribute to Charlie Hebdo cartoonists that Banksy shared on his Instagram account..It is very simple but beautiful! Je suis Charlie.

Banksy Instagram - Tribute to Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists



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