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It’s just days from away from New Years’ Eve ’15 and like most gals, you’re indecisive in finding the perfect outfit. Just like the celebratory occasion, finding that special number should be fun and exciting. The important elements of your New Years attire should be glitz and glam, elegant with a hint of sexy.

My favorite finds in an outfit is one with a unique silhouette or draping . Embellishment and sequins especially will provide that extra level of pizzazz! Most importantly, don’t forget the icing on the cake … the decorative details for your holiday attire, ACCESSORIES! Jewelry, shoes and bags are paramount in setting the tone! Always remember go for subtlety in jewelry. Do not overly adorn yourself. If anything should stand out — apart from the dress — it should absolutely be the shoes! Go for daring length heels with one-of-a-kind details (crystals, bows etc.) that’ll make you feel like Cinderella arriving at the ball! Lastly, bags should be super sleek and minute in size, making the carrying of weight to a minimum.

So make heads turn and mouths drop! Be irresistible in that special guy’s eyes. If you feel you require a little inspiration; below we provided some of our best picks for bringing the New Year right in style!

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