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Powerhouse brand Qupid Shoes launches a new e-commerce site today during Cyber Monday! All of its latest styles will be available directly to consumers on (Read on for a special discount code).


Qupid Shoes - Cyber Monday


Based in Los Angeles, Qupid is run by two sisters; Julie Kuo as the vice president and her younger sister, Connie Kuo, as the creative director. Having been a wholesale business for nearly three decades, the new e-commerce site will give Qupid a multidimensional advantage in the fashion and lifestyle scene.


Qupid Shoes - Shop


“We consistently push the boundaries of woman’s fashion,” said Qupid Shoes VP Julie Kuo. “We used to focus more on what was most commercial, but now we know that we have an audience that is not afraid to take risks to express themselves. We help them do that.”


Qupid Shoes - Retail Launch


Dreams in Heels interviewed Qupid Shoes Vice president, Julie Kuo about Qupid’s journey from wholesale to retail:


-What makes Qupid shoes different from all the other brands out there?

What sets us apart is are two things: Quality Product & Customer Service. We are selling quality product that is long lasting. We want our customers to know that we want to build long term relationships. Our customers trust us, they know that we have their best interests at heart and when customers are happy, it’s win/win. Customer service is #1 for us, we want to follow the success model of Nordstrom and Zappos. When there’s so much footwear to choose from, people want to do business with people who treat them with respect and genuinely care about them


– When and how Qupid started? Why did you guys start as a wholesaler?

Qupid was started in 1981. My father had amazing business relationships with manufacturers in China and he was able to get production on merchandise. I felt like it was my calling to go into the family business and so I earned a degree in business management. I’m grateful for the work that my parents put in; the blood, sweat and tears and I want to carry on the legacy and grow it into a global brand.


– Why changing now to retail?

Social media and the internet plays such an imperative role in business and brand marketing. By promoting our brand through social and more personal outlets, we are meeting the demand and we are getting to know who are customers are. It’s all about having a great personal connection and always being on top of fashion trends. With wholesale, we had many customers asking us where and how to purchase. That was the demand. We realized that our customers needed guidance in how and where to purchase our shoes. By launching this ecommerce site, we are able to assist our customers directly with quick service and immediate feedback. We introduce them to new trends, and we show them countless ways to rock our distinct and fun styles.


– How easy or difficult has been the transition from wholesale to retail?

The transition has been more difficult than easy because we need to find who our direct consumer will be. Fashion is individual but the general consensus of what is hot right now is seen from Qupid’s interpretation in the shoe. What we choose to stock is what we feel is indicative of what our general public will like. Call it luck, but the choices and voices have been right.


– What do you want to leave my readers with?

We’re not just a shoe brand. We’re a lifestyle brand, and we are so excited for what’s to come. We’d love to have you come along on our journey.




SAVE Stylishly! Qupid Shoes offered Dreams in Heels readers a Cyber Monday special discount, 30% off your entire purchase. Code is: CYBER30. Do not forget to tag us on social media or to use the hashtags: #itshappening #qupidshoes #dreamsinheels



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