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Would you like to reconnect to nature and go on a sensorial journey while you are bathing? The Northern Light Kayak candle holder is the perfect sensorial natural gift for everyone. They are made with pannaq™ OHT wood which is 100% natural, non-toxic and unique. The Kayak balances the elements in beauty crafted elegance inspired by the Canadian heritage of Qijuk and a passion for eco-innovation, made with their signature all-natural OHT (oil heated treatment) wood.

The Kayak, with its ability to float on water, gives an excellent decoration to the bath tub and lets you re-connect to nature with its relaxing ambience. Let it guide you on a relaxing meditation that takes you on a sensorial journey into blissful peace, for a truly pampering bathing experience.

With its unique design, the Kayak is a piece of art on the dinner table. It’s fragrance enhances the candle light dinner experience, letting you get close to your loved one and makes it a romantic and a memorable event for the both of you! The Kayak is a wonderful gift to share with your beloved!


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