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We generally think about tie as something that men wear. Well, it you should know that ties can be also worn by women. It is very important though to know how women can wear ties. So, you can wear them with shirts, but also with tops. But, in care you are thinking about wearing a tie and a top, you should know that this attire is not appropriate for the office. More informal occasions are the best occasions for wearing this kind of outfit. If you wear a shirt and a tie, you can also wear a pair of pants or a skirt. But, the best choice is a skirt since it provides a more feminine look.




How to wear a tie in order to look feminine?

So, first of all, if you wear a tie, you have to have in mind that its pattern must match the pattern of the pants or skirt and the pattern of the shirt. If you are not sure how to mix shirt and tie patterns, than you should choose the easier option. Choose a simple tie that matches everything. This way, you will be able to mix it with different shirts, without worrying if the combination is right or not. Also, make sure to choose a tie that has a color that can be easily matched with others. Black is not a great decision, but rather green or blue. Red is also a great option and why not pink.

You can wear such a combination at the office, it will be perfect. But in this case do not forget about the hair. An up do is the best solution and since we do not want to over-complicate things, we recommend you to choose a small ballerina bun or a pony tail.

In order to look great you don’t have to be trendy. There are some combinations that even if they are trendy, just do not match your personality. But, this does not mean you cannot experiment. A tie worn by a woman shows that she is willing to try something new, to be admire and that she is of course, confident.



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