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While I had visited many under the radar countries in the world, I must say that you can still find many underrated countries in Europe, which deserved attention and the beauty is unspeakable. For me one of those countries is Romania. Romania has so many things to do and see. It is definitely worth to pay a visit. When I visited Romania, one city that got my attention right away was Sighisoara Romania. I only went on a day trip from Brasov (another of my favorite cities) to Sighisoara while being on a Romania road trip around Transylvania with friends. I totally enjoyed being on a road trip, traveling around different cities and stopping at many cute towns. Wondering what caught my attention about Sighisoara Romania? Oh well, many things, but let’s start with saying that looked like a fairy tale on earth, it was like stepping back into medieval times, it was picture perfect and it was love at first sight! Read on to find out why you would fall in love with this fairytale city.

sighisoara romania

Sighisoara Romania Day Trip from Brasov Experience

History 101 – Where is Sighisoara and what makes it special?

If you never heard of Sighisoara in your life and want to place it in the map, it is located in the historical region of Transylvania in Central Romania. Sighisoara is remarkably well-preserved, with an amazing history and rich culture, which even earned a UNESCO World Heritage Site distinction. In fact, it is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, and a landmark of Saxon heritage in Romania. Imagine that nine out of the original 14 towers still standing and remain almost intact. Each tower was erected by one of the guilds of the city and it is from these guilds that the towers get their names, such as, The Clock’s Tower, the Blacksmith’s Tower, the Butcher’s Tower, and the Tanner’s Tower. All of these mentioned, can be visited.

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What specifically made me fall in love with this city? Oh well, from the cute and romantic narrow cobblestone streets, brightly colored houses, to the beautiful historic center with its 14th century clock tower. The city is extremely lovely, enchanting and so cozy. I totally enjoyed the architecture, ambiance and the charming cafes and restaurants.


 How to get to Sighisoara Romania?

In our case, we rented a car to drive around Romania. It is very budget friendly especially when you split it with more than one person. Plus it is the best way to travel around Romania since the countryside around there is stunning and there are so many smaller cute towns on the way, pictures opportunities, and more. There is public transportation, but sometimes becomes a hassle with the timetables, especially when it is on a language different than yours. Although that never stops me. I had taken public transportation in so many countries around the world, especially when I am traveling on a budget. If you prefer you can also find accommodation in Sighisoara for one night.

But what I love more about renting a car is to have the freedom to stop whenever I see an interesting place or even a great landscape to look at and to capture it on film.  We got the opportunity to even hang out with people and kids from a small village. It was the sweetest and best experience of the road trip. The magic of the locals!

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Things to do in Sighisoara Romania in one day!

Sighisoara is a very small city, which makes me perfectly enough for a half or full day trip, depending on your pace. I personally love slow travel because allows me to feel the vibes of the place. I enjoyed the most sitting at the squares, plazas or cafes to do some people watching and take it all in. I am also a lover of views, which makes Sighisoara a perfect little city for me. In my experience, these are some of the best sites to explore while visiting Sighisoara.

sighisoara romaniaGet lost in the romantic historical city center and narrow streets

For me, a priority when it comes to any city, especially tiny ones like Sighisoara, it is to get lost. I totally love how Sighisoara feels so safe and it is pretty easy to walk around and to found many opportunities for pictures. Aside from the main sites, you can find over looks and interesting streets that are super colorful and charming. Start by walking around and see what you find.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Did you know that #Sighisoara Citadel is the only inhabited #medieval fortress in #Europe? #travel #ExperienceRomania #Romania” quote=”Did you know that Sighisoara Citadel is the only inhabited medieval fortress in Europe? “]

The Clock Tower of Sighisoara

The Clock Tower of Sighișoara is a symbol of the city and the main entry point to the citadel, opposite guarded by Taylor’s Tower. Like it is common in in every fortification system where there is one fortress that dominates the others: the master-tower. The main attraction of the tower are the Baroque figurines that mark the time of day and the day of the week. Fun fact: From the top of the Clock Tower, visitors can see intact 16th century Saxon houses lining the narrow cobblestone streets. What a perfect view!

Before the views comes the climb, but I promise you that it will be worthy. You can find a small but cool museum with before you reach the open-air observation deck/platform. You will find at the museum a few artifacts and some interesting pieces as well plus information on Sighisoara’s antiquity. Once at the platform, you will see a 360 degree views of the city. Note: If you go during peak season, I would suggest to visit early in the morning, since the stairs are narrow and steep and only fit one person at a time. Over the summer can get really crowded up there. Note: There is a very small Torture museum (pretty much one room) which is hidden under the clock tower. It is very cheap to enter, and it might be interesting for some folks to see some of the methods of torture.

The Church on the Hill

A set of covered wooden stairs (175 steps) will lead you  to the Church on the Hill, or the Church of St. Nicholas, a Gothic church which showcases impressive fragments of frescos. On the way up to the Church and around that area, there are great spots for instagrammable photos since you are guaranteed a beautiful background, with colorful houses and scenic mountains behind you in every pic.

The Piata Cetatii Square

Another must-visit is the famous and historical landmark The Piata Cetatii, the Sighisoara Citadel main fortress square, also located in the historic center.It is a great place for people watching, and it is surrounded by restored medieval buildings, which nowadays were turn into restaurants, bars, etc. Fun fact: This square was the place where people used to be judged and executed back on the days.

Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler) House

This house (found on the Citadel Square) used to belong to the father of Vlad the Impaler (the historical character who inspired the Bram Stoker’s Dracula.) Fun Fact: Vlad the Impaler was born there and you can tour his house for yourself. Currently, it stands as a museum (the Weapon’s Museum) and restaurant. A tourist attraction yes, but still very interesting if you are a Dracula fan. A gloomy iron sign in the shape of a dragon, the symbol of “Dracula”, marks the entrance of the house. You can see a bust of Vlad Tepes nearby. You will also find lots of typical Dracula souvenir stands, similar to those found in cities such as Brasov and Bran. It is believed that the Romanian ruler was born here in the year 1431, but there is no concrete evidence to endorse this fact.

The house exact location is: Tin Street No.1, between the Citadel square and the Clock Tower.

The House with the Deer Antler

Another emblematic building of the city is The Deer House (built in the 17th century), and it is great to see it and snap a picture. The name of The House with the Deer Antler comes from the exterior wall painting, representing a deer in size, and head trophy mounted on the wall. The Deer house is one of the oldest buildings in the Sighisoara Citadel. I really love the architecture of this building. It is interesting  to also see that in the image the two deers are joined together by one single head.

How to end your day trip to Sighisoara Romania

I would suggest to just sit on a terrace, enjoy a traditional Romanian meal and try some local drinks. People in Romania are very nice and friendly. You will enjoy your time!

If you still need a reason to visit Sighisoara, consider visiting during the Sighisoara Medieval Festival, which is every July. Book in advance!

As you can see, you can enjoy only a few hours or 24 hours in Sighisoara Romania! It is always about your taste, your timeline and of course who you are with. I am sure that regardless, you will bring wonderful and unique memories home and will fall in love with this charming city Sighisoara and overall beautiful country Romania!

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Sighisoara Romania Day Trip from Brasov, Why would you fall in love with this fairytale city!

Sighisoara Romania Day Trip from Brasov, Why would you fall in love with this fairytale city!

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