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One of the most interesting natural, nighttime attractions is getting to swim in the glistening waters luminous lagoon in Jamaica. Often described as ‘amazing’ and ‘unbelievable’, this glowing lagoon will definitely fill you with wonder….it is so blue and phosphorescent that you cannot stop staring! It is really fun seeing your body shine after swimming. Transportation begins with a night time boat ride that departs from the Restaurant Glistening Waters’ Marina. The captain and the crew are so friendly and share stories of the lagoon that is located in Oyster Bay. In this adventure, I not only checked off swimming in the luminous lagoon from my bucket list, but I also checked off another surprise item from it!

Jamaica - Glistening Waters
Photo Credit: Luminous Lagoon

The lagoon has eleven microorganisms (dyno flagelis) living in it! To my surprise, the lagoon is not deep at all; from the mud up it is only 4-5 inches of water while some areas are only 6-8 inches deep.

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Luminous Lagoon, Glistening Waters Jamaica
Photo Credit: Luminous Lagoon

If you do not know how to swim (like me), a life vest is provided. They also have a life guard on the boat for safety reasons. I would recommend that you purchase the pictures from the tour’s photographer since you need a very powerful camera lens to truly capture the glow of the lagoon.

dis-13-2012-t2 030zaa (3)
Travel Blogger and Publicist, Mary Apesos and I.

The surprise bucket list item that our group got to experience was crashing a wedding (in our swimsuits)! Basically,  because we left from the marina where the Glistening Waters luminous lagoon restaurant is located, at the time of our return a wedding was underway! The lesson being, be ready at any time of the possibility to appear in a wedding photo album when visiting such a popular location wedding spot…Jamaica is really a place to create memories!

We didn’t realize we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun!

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