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There’s something about travel that can often make you feel really unhealthy. Whether it’s the idea of being out of your regular routine, or trying to fit too much in, if you want to stop that from happen and still feel healthy, here are two things that you’ll want to focus on.

1. Nail Your Healthy Routine

So the very first thing that’s going to help you here, is to make sure that you have a healthy routine. You’ll need to know exactly what you’re going to do when you’re traveling to stay healthy. Sure, you may not be able to carry on with your existing routine while you’re away, you can adjust it. First of all, think about how you can sleep on the plane or pamper yourself to keep your skin looking good and hydrated. But then, also think about when you’re going to exercise when you’re away, what time you’re going to wake up, and the restful activities you’re going to fit in too.

Exercise When Your Abroad: What Are The Best Things To Do?

2. Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is super important for staying healthy when you travel, especially when flying long distances. In the excitement of exploring a new city, it’s easy to forget to drink as much water as you’re used to or to opt for alcoholic beverages instead of water. This can cause severe dehydration, especially when you are jet lag or traveling during hot weather months. Our advice to you is to try to carry a water bottle with you. Remember that in many places in the world, such as Switzerland, the water is super clean and you can even drink or refill the water from the public fountains. Note: Always be careful about where you get your water from.  In many parts of the world, you can get sick from bacteria in tap water that even water bottles with filter cannot remove. Be aware!

Another option is to simply buy a bottle of water before heading out to explore. In addition, it is also advisable to keep a bottle of water next to your bed at nighttime.

3. Work On Your Energy Levels

And then, you’ll want to make sure that you can work on your energy levels too. If you often find that you’re always tired or travel seems to affect you badly, you’ll want to get your sleep down. Adjusting your sleep pattern before a long-haul flight, as seen in the infographic below, could be perfect here. But at the same time, eating well and choosing food that will energize you will also help you to stay healthy.

Infographic Design By Mattress Advisor

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