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A lot of couples are deciding to hold their wedding somewhere other than their hometown. They may have spent time there on a holiday or perhaps it’s somewhere you have always dreamed of visiting. Whatever the reason, there are some things you need to know before booking the wedding.


You will have to sort out accommodation


If you are going to hold your wedding far away from where your guests live, you will need to sort out some accommodation for them. You should check the venue to see if they have or can recommend accommodations where your guests can stay, possibly before and/or after the wedding. They should be able to tell you how many rooms are available and provide a timeframe for holding the rooms until your guests ring and book. Another option is to look on sites such as to see what’s near your venue. You may want to offer a way that singles can share accommodations to reduce costs.


Prepare for guests to drop out


Another thing you should know is that some people may drop out of your wedding if it’s not convenient location. A lot of people may not like to travel or find it difficult, or other factors such as childcare, cost or work vacation schedules may deter them from attending. It can also mean that elderly relatives are unlikely to make the journey. If there are a lot of people who cannot attend, you might want to consider organizing a small party after the wedding, so that they can still celebrate with you.


Sort out transportation


When you organize a wedding outside of your hometown, you will have to consider transport options upon arrival. Is there public transportation, or are people driving in or renting vehicles. You could suggest that guests carpool as much as possible. Or you may want to hire transportation to take your guests between the venue and accommodation. You can look at sites such as Shofur Bus Facebook page and treat your guests to worry free commuting on the day of your wedding.


Send out your invites earlier


If you decide to have the wedding away from home, you need to send your invitations out as early as possible so that your guests can make the necessary arrangements. They may need to sort out accommodation, transport, vacation, childcare, etc. – the list is endless – so you should give them enough time to get it all done. By getting your responses back earlier rather than later, you will also know how many people cannot attend.


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Remember that you need to find local suppliers for the photographer, cake, flowers and other decorations for the venue. Ask your venue for suggestions – they may know the best options for your budget and needs.



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