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Amigos of Dreams in Heels Blogazine, Here is Chef Carlos La Cruz once again! If you guys remember, my first special recipe for the Food and Drinks section, Arugula Salad with Pears and Xango Dressing has a huge amount of chlorophyll in each leaf and the consume of chlorophyll in green vegetables is our first trendy meal tip for you.


Fun Dieting: Why to Consume Chlorophyll?


Here is the original name of the Chlorophyll: Χλωρός φύλλον

There are several ways to consume it, the most natural course is to consume green vegetables, the more green vegetable, higher chlorophyll. The following contains greater amounts of chlorophyll: spinach, lettuce, chard, watercress, kale, arugula, parsley, cilantro, among others. Also some seaweed, spirulina and chlorella, possess high concentrations of it as well as some outbreaks, such as wheat sprouts.

As some know, chlorophyll is one of the basic chemicals of all plants, this bimolecular is not only responsible for the green color of the majority of members of the plant kingdom, it is also the principal involved, together with the light, in the process of photosynthesis, by which plants thrive. Curiosity of chlorophyll is their molecular structure closely resembles that of the blood. The molecules responsible for the red color of the blood to carry oxygen, known as hemoglobin have a structure very similar to that of chlorophyll, except for its central atom: in hemoglobin is mainly composed of iron and chlorophyll by magnesium, hence with good reason be called to chlorophyll as “blood of plants”.


Chlorophyll consumption in humans carries great health benefits. It is considered a miracle substance for the myriad of properties that have for our body and especially favors although some organs or functions, remember that we are a whole, and if improves organ function as a result improve others. Eating regularly chlorophyll helps to oxygenate the blood and increase the production of the same, and because the main function of hemoglobin is to carry oxygen, if it increases, our cells are better oxygenated and, therefore, our bodies and especially the heart, will be greatly benefited. The abundance of oxygen promotes the detoxification of our body. It has been demonstrated that consumption helps prevent harmful effects of radiation exposure.

Chlorophyll turn is capable of binding to heavy metals from the cells and facilitate their disposal. Also promotes cleansing of the colon and the proliferation of intestinal bacterial flora, preventing serious diseases such as cancer. Cholesterol levels also reduces the consumption of chlorophyll, so that detoxification is complete. Some anaerobic bacteria do not thrive in the presence of oxygen, so if it increases due to chlorophyll, these bacteria do not have a favorable environment to develop. Other bacteria are favored in alkaline environments but, because chlorophyll is a powerful alkalizing of blood, this type of bacteria find an environment to develop. Of these properties suggests that the chlorophyll works as a great immune system strengthener. The entire digestive system is benefited by the consumption of chlorophyll. Not only the colon, we have already mentioned, but also the liver, stomach and gallbladder. This miracle molecule helps break down calcium oxalate stones for better elimination, which are created by the body in order to neutralize and eliminate the excess acid.

Infinite benefits It is also known that chlorophyll is anti-carcinogenic, as it helps to eliminate toxins that enter our body through food. Its high content of vitamins A, E and C, making it a potent antioxidant and also an effective anti-inflammatory, so it is ideal for digestive treatments, as mentioned above. Bad breath is another condition that can be treated with chlorophyll, especially when it is consumed in liquid form, this not only provides fresh breath and pleasant fragrance, but at encouraging the digestive system also helps the bad breath it can cause stomach problems. It is possible to prepare a daily basis are known as green drinks, ie green vegetable smoothies, we can consume daily to take advantage of the properties of chlorophyll in a more concentrated. You can also buy at the pharmacy or health food stores and consume liquid chlorophyll supplement. Anyway always better if you eat fresh and natural way through the plant, because in this way we get rid of the industrialization processes of the same.

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