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With so much emphasis on selfies and looking flawless, there’s more pressure than ever to be camera ready at any moment. But being photogenic does not come naturally to all of us and many people will totally avoid cameras due to fear of how they will look. We all want to look good and be happy with our appearance. But if you think you look bad in a picture, your confidence can hit rock bottom. Even though you might be jealous of how amazing your friends and family look in pictures, being photogenic is something all of us can achieve. So instead of hiding your beauty, follow these five easy ways to become more photogenic today.

Go through your photos

While we all have pictures of ourselves that we dislike, we also have photos that we quite like too. So go through your social media, family photographs and your friend’s pictures. Look at the pictures that you like of yourself and see if any patterns start to emerge. Maybe you have a certain pose that you think works well.

Or you might notice you prefer pictures when you are smiling a certain way. You may even see that your favourite photographs are all taken from a particular angle that is more flattering. Whatever the pattern turns out to be, now that you know what it is, it will be far easier for you to replicate it. Practice it in the mirror at home so you know exactly how to position your face and body to get the best photo possible.

Smile more

While some models and celebrities prefer a pouty and moody pose, everybody looks better when they smile. It lifts your entire face and makes you look more attractive, happy and friendly. If you feel like you need help with your smile, consider cosmetic dentistry. Again, practice your smile in the mirror to see what works for you and what doesn’t. But remember a fake smile is something you want to avoid and will never help you look more photogenic. So when someone takes your picture, think of something funny just before they take it. That way your smile will be entirely genuine and far more natural. So instead of trying to copy sad poses of some celebrities, opt for smiling more and your selfies will instantly look better.

If your smile is the reason you don’t like photos of yourself, view St. Lucie Center For Cosmetic Dentistry’s website. Read through their list of procedures and book a consultation to see if your smile can be improved with braces or whitening services.

Be photographed more often

People who consider themselves to be unphotogenic will want their picture to be taken as little as possible. This is a real shame as they are missing out on capturing the memory of a brilliant night out or family party. The more photographs you are in, the more likely you will think you look good in one or two of them. If you only have one picture taken of yourself, there’s less chance that you will like the outcome. So instead of shying away every time a camera is near, get more involved. This will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Plus, it will help you come out of your shell and increase your confidence. Just don’t hog the limelight too much or your friends and family might not be too pleased. So, if someone asks to take your photograph, happily agree and encourage others to get involved too.

Think about your makeup

You may not realize it but your makeup can have an enormous impact on your photographs. Yes, it can make you feel more positive about your appearance, but it can also have a negative effect too. With smartphones having better camera quality than ever, every detail of your face is maximized and more noticeable.

Thus, if you aren’t wearing suitable colours that suit your skin tone, you can appear washed out and dull. Or if you’re wearing too much makeup, it can detract from your best features and make them look smaller. So it’s vital that if you know when you’re going to be photographed that you make good makeup choices. Find out what your skin type is and invest in the perfect foundation that suits it.

Otherwise your face could look dry and oily. The perfect foundation colour will also give you a healthy glow. Use bronzer, blush and powder to shape your face and make it look more flattering. Brush and pencil in your brows to enhance your bone structure and to convey more emotion in every photo. Look online for tutorials on eye makeup ideas and choose your eyeshadow colours that compliment your eye color. This will make them stand out and sparkle more. Take a look at these makeup tips from beauty expert Bobbi Brown to help you get the flawless finish you desire.

Improve your posture

Having bad posture is never going to make you look good in photographs. Look at photos from the red carpet and you’ll see plenty of straight backs and heads being held high. If you’ve noticed that you often slump your shoulders or slouch in photographs, it’s time to start improving the way you carry yourself.

You could try some better posture exercises like yoga and stretching. Or you might want to try a corset or waist trainer to encourage your body to hold itself upright. This might sound like an extreme approach but it has been known to be quite effective. Improving your posture may not seem entirely natural to begin with. But if you do it regularly, it won’t take long for your body to get used to it. It will boost your self-esteem and give you a more elongated frame, which is far more attractive than being hunched over.

These tips and tricks will not only make you look more photogenic, but they will also boost your self-esteem and make you feel fabulous. But it’s also important not to compare yourself to others and to embrace your own unique beauty. That way, no matter how you look in a photograph you’ll always be happy with the result.

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