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Recently, a new US company launched their first product in the online market: the Inglorious Fuzz Beard Oil and I am one of the lucky individuals who got to try their product first.


So, “what makes this Inglorious Fuzz Beard Oil different from the other brands?” I asked myself. When the product first arrived, I was already impressed with the quality packaging. It has a vintage, rustic look but you can see from the quality packaging alone that it is superior to other brands. Then, most impressive is the product itself.

The beard oil is alcohol-free and perfume-free, so I immediately appreciated the neutral scent – no more heavy smells right under my nose or irritating tingling. I also liked that it is not too oily. Nothing worse than for your facial hair to have a greasy appearance (which is what I hate most about other beard oils in the market) that inevitably will lead to skin irritation. I’d say that Inglorious Fuzz really is one premium, high quality beard oil.


Try it for yourself! You can order Inglorious Fuzz Beard Oil on amazon here!

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